The Me and Mine Project {August 2017}

August, no nursery for 6 weeks, 3 littles ones at home everyday, its been pretty hard going. We’ve had LOADS of fun too but its been tough Summer, lots of things we LOVE to do as a family are just pretty hard going with three under 4. Thats not to say we didn’t have a whole lot of fun, it was just verrryyyy tiring.

We managed beach trips, boat trips, firework trips (with lots of sick involved..) crabbing competitions, chips outside at our favourite pub, penguin trips, we got a new garden!! new birthday bike and trailer for Mr H, scootering trips, more ice cream, a visit to Space at Eden with some Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense chucked in too.

Getting our posed Me and Mine photos each month is becoming harder and harder, there is just never quite enough hands and somebody always needs something!! We took this out on the boat at out local river regatta, always a day we look forward too, with Grandpa and fireworks later on in the day, it was pretty exhausting this year, chasing little F all over the place and with Mr G throwing up all over himself 5 minutes before the fireworks (hence his E.T look in Mr H’s hoodie!) It was pretty windy for the middle of August! (Mr G is sporting a bobble hat!)


We managed to rope the Grandparents into taking some better photos later in the month, I particularly like the ones with little D showing her pants, captures her loon personality very well!





Baby Sensory


He smiles the most for D!



Happy Boy with his cars








Bouncing at the new garden!


The face of a little girl who thinks she is in space!


Happy birthday Mr H!


This month I am loving, finally getting a hair cut! Planning and collecting bits forΒ  D & F’s Trolls party next month, the sunshine!

Little D is loving staying up late to watch the fireworks! Watching Moana, singing Moana songs in the bike trailer, rowing her peanut like a pro! Being dragged about in the waves at the beach on her body board.

Little F is loving watching Moana, lining up all his (1 billion) cars on the table, eating chocolate ice cream at Saltram, watching in the night Garden, being rowed about by his big sister, falling asleep on the quay after! Climbing in rock pools at the beach.

Little G is loving a great big taste of everything! Moving into the boys whale room and big boy cot! Trips to the park in his pushchair and swinging on the swing, Baby Sensory Summer special with his little friend, a first whole day out on the boat, bouncing like a loon in his Jumperoo!

Mr H is loving his new bike and trailer, running running running, showing off his new Apple Watch, being 33!!