The Me and Mine Project {July 2017}

This has month has been a real game changer in the Howeshold with the extension finally being finished and us being able to move home to our amazing new space, with a playroom, redecorated girls and boys bedrooms and brand spanking new kitchen/living/dining area. We couldn’t have been more ready to get home with two months of questionable sleep Mr H and I were ready to move back in whether it was finished or not!!!

We’ve had a month of being back home and enjoying our new space, and also making lots of use of our local beaches. Summer holidays are here and I am trying to fill the (often long days) and entertain three under 4 which is definitely no easy task. I think this month has been particularly tough because of all the upheaval and after looking through all our photos we realised for the first time in a year and a half we just didn’t quite get a photo with all 5 of us in, a few missed opportunities and photos of four! So this is the best  we can do!!!

A trip to Bigbury beach, where we bought a boogie board, they big ones wore wetsuits, we got attacked by seagulls and little F face planted into the sea, standard successful Howeshold beach trip!




New Bedrooms


First swing, sit up bath, dressing up and one of the million photos of G sleeping


Fabs for the win!


I screamed the loudest!



The siblings photos..

This month I am loving, the SPACE! , throwing ALL the toys in the playroom at night, going on the log flume with D at Crealy, dressing the boys up as a Tiger and a Caterpillar for their Waterbabies swimming, a rare day out celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary, catching up with lots of friend’s babies in the extension! Conquering softly alone with 3 loons!

Little D is loving her new rainbow bedroom, having her toys in her own space, BIG rides at Crealy, Fab ice lollies, surfing on her boogie board, flying her kite at Mothecombe, watching Trolls again and again, having a best friend at nursery, helping herself from the snack draw!

Little F is loving the Dinosaur ride at Crealy, watching Bear hunt again and again, playing with cars cars cars, starting to talk in sentences, his new Dinosaur slippers, dressing up as the Hungry Caterpillar, going to softly and running around with D and no adult, cuddling Peter Rabbit to sleep, his new Whale themed bedroom!

Little G is loving getting his passport photo done, saying goodbye to his Sleepyhead deluxe, wearing a life jacket on Grandpa’s boat for the first time, the Jumperoooooo, a new sit up bath seat, first tastes of banana (he liked it!) making a footprint plate, first go in a swing! (big smiles)

Mr H is loving his new Amazon Prime account (oops lots of shopping) , the pirate ship with little D at Crealy, playing with the boogie board with D and F at Bigbury, eating a wedding anniversary Wagamamas and no children time coffee drinking, DIY in the extension, putting up a million lights! Running with Strava in the evenings.




{The Me and Mine Project} 2016 June

June has disappeared in a flash of not too sunny days and too much work work work in the Howeshold. We are looking forward to July and getting up to some much needed beach and Summer fun. We have all been sleepy and full of cold and hopefully July will give us some much needed down time and fun.

This months photos are taken in the Pick your Own just down the road from our house. Last year we went a little too late and so this year we made sure we made it in time for the best fruit. Little D LOVED it! She did, however, not quite get the concept and we ended up with nearly a whole punnet of strawberries with on bite out of them! The great thing about pick your own is they also sell ice cream, and little D is an ice cream fiend! ( so is Mr H to be fair..)



I am loving this month: a few girly evenings with friends gossiping, cooking Gousto meals- yum, visiting old friends in Somerset, planning (Pintrest browsing) a shuffle upstairs to create a playroom.

Mr H is Loving: Football on TV all the time! (until we got knocked out), playing his Father’s Day ukulele, eating Gousto meals, visiting old friends in Somerset.

Little D is loving:  collecting monster toys and taking them everywhere in her pockets, talking about her birthday in September, colouring in the lines (kind of) her new balance bike and Peppa Pig Helmet.

Litte F is loving: starting to crawl, sitting up after his naps and playing with his toys in his cot, growing some golden curls,  saying mama, scoffing strawberries, trying to play with D’s monsters…


The Me and Mine Project



{The Me and Mine Project} 2016 May

May, you took a looonnnggg time to arrive as after booking our Summer holiday back at the start of the year we have been counting down the days! A whole week away in Spain, close to Barcelona, with plenty of sunshine and beach time. Just what we all needed, a week away from the hum drum of work, pre-school and house work! I managed to go on a hen do and be child free (for almost) a whole day. Potty training has also been on all our minds this month and hopefully we have pretty much cracked it! (phew)

Our photo this month had to be on holiday and I absolutely love these, we all look so happy and relaxed and the blue flowers look beautiful. We took this late one afternoon when we visited some pretty gardens up on the cliff top, it was just very relaxing and we found a beach cove we could see over the cliff that we visited the next day, a little gem!







I am loving this month: sunny day adventures, a whole week away as a family, eating buffet breakfast for a whole week, our new camera, wearing flip flops everyday, finding out my friend is pregnant, going to Creative Caterpillars every week with little D, feeling proud of D’s potty training achievements.

Mr H is Loving: basking in the sunshine at home & on holiday, messing around with snapchat filters, buying little D toys as rewards, finally getting a chance to read a book (well… half a book) on holiday, wearing shorts all the time, not wearing socks….

Little D is loving:  swimming in her new float jacket, eating bucket loads of ice-cream, getting stickers for potty training, reading Sally and the Limpet, wearing sandals everyday, playing in the garden lots, eating lots of raisins, making sand castles at the beach.

Litte F is loving: any toys with wheels to spin, eating EVERYTHING, trying to commando crawl backwards, being tickled behind the knees and toes, standing and giggling with Daddy, shouting very loud, clicking his tongue especially when enjoying his food!


The Me and Mine Project