The me and mine Project {February 2017}

This month’s post is a little late… but not without good reason as on the 1st February we became a family of five! 9 days late and eventually little G arrived at 4:15 pm after A fairly quick labour. So February has been and gone in a flash, full of long sleepless nights, busy busy days which have disappeared in a baby bubble of happiness and exhaustion!! 

With our new arrival we have spent a lot of time at home this month trying to adjust to being a family of five with three under four. There’s been the inevitable trips to soft play and for coffee and cake but with a new baby and a rain filled garden there has been lots of sofa time! 

Little D has for the most part been a little star with G, having the odd cuddle and being really gentle. Little F, still a baby himself, has not given him too much notice which has made things a little easier. There has been far too much TV time this month and we are looking forward to getting used to our new normal next month and getting out on some more adventures!

This month’s portrait was taken in our living room, where I feel like I’ve spent most of this month!!! I am picturing an out doors spring sunshine shot for March! 

Introducing little G just a few minutes old..

Waiting to leave the hospital,

And one of my favourites this month…

This month I’ve been loving being in a newborn baby bubble, staring at the many faces of little G, taking billions of photos of G and trying hard to get lots of sibling photos, eating huge amounts of cheesecake! Window shopping for our new extension.

Mr H is loving all the cheesecake I keep buying, having paternity leave time off, starting swimming lessons againwith little F, making plans for our house extension.

Little D is loving watching Trolls over and over and over again, talking about Trolls! Playing with magnetic letters and spelling all our  names, cuddling G before bedtime.

Little f is loving watching Stickman, Room on the Broom and the Gruffalo, getting new cars from Grandma, saying thank you in the cutest voice, getting some more teeth ( finally!)

Little G is loving making his appearance Earthside! Not sleeping at night… swinging every evening in his Joie swing chair, growing like a weed!  


The Me and Mine Project


 The me and mine Project {January 2017}

January! You came with high expectations a new baby due date, unfortunately you came and went……. with no sign of baby no.3 

I feel like January is always a month that drags on for me, saying goodbye to the fun and excitement of Christmas and hello to those tricky Winter months when the rain never seems to stop! This has been a month of waiting waiting, the last month of pregnancy lasts FOREVER!

We were waiting to take this month’s portrait with high hopes of being a family of 5 but we ended up taking an emergency photo in my Dad’s garden on a rare sunny day at the end of the month as a ‘just in case’ but this baby wasn’t coming and saved his entrance until the 1st February, but that’s another story! 

I love this one of these two, they look like partners in crime and it just shows how much F has grown up, he’s very much a little boy now and off exploring EVERYTHING….

Penguin spectating 

Watching Stickman

All ready for nursery!

This month I am loving getting everything just so in the house ready for the baby, cosy evenings on the sofa with plenty of candles and snoozing, slow weeks of just enjoying the calm before the storm of the new baby, afternoon AND evening naps!

Mr H is loving watching Stickman with both children on his lap after tea, drinking lots of alcohol free beer just in case of a mad hospital dash!  Watching Sherlock while Mummy sleeps, scoffing chocolate biscuits! Using our annual pass to visit the zoo and penguins

Little D is loving her little brother starting nursery, holding little F’s hand wherever we go, wearing Paw Patrol pyjamas EVERY night, watching Stickman cuddled on the chair with Daddy and F

Little F is loving starting nursery for one morning a week like an absolute champ, no tears and a bye bye, high fiving everybody, climbing on the dining room chairs, eating billions of raspberries and watching the whole of Stickman over and over and over again!

The Me and Mine Project


{The Me & Mine Project} December 2016

We made it! One whole year of blogging and photo projects, 12 monthly family portraits, lots of wriggling children and bickering parents but we did it! This month has absolutely flown by in blur of crazy Christmas excitement (me mainly..) and a an intense surge of de-cluttering and organising for the arrival of baby no.3 in January. Not forgetting I turned 31 this month (how!? ) and enjoyed a rare night out for some food and film watching, not to mention a super yummy virgin mojito. It really doesn’t seem such a long time ago that I was sipping the real thing in the Watergate Bay Hotel, with a tiny little F celebrating my 30th! Its hard to believe a whole year has passed and we will soon have another tiny squish in the house.

We have absolutely loved Christmas this year with little D, we had a magical Christmas Eve, she love leaving Santa’s snacks out by the fire (and got so cross with F for trying to eating the mince pie multiple times….look at his face!) and staying up late to watch the Bear hunt! I have felt pretty much exhausted the whole time (thats the last month of pregnancy for you) and its only today, on New Years Eve that I think can finally say that the Christmas decs are away, the house is sparkling clean (ish!) and we are ready for our new arrival.

I am loving this month: my new camera strap, new perfume, HP sprocket and sticking photos all over the house, the magic of Christmas, Christmas songs on at ALL times, new heartburn meds from the doctor (phew!)

Mr H is Loving: his new playstation game (zzzz!) his new Amazon Dot (sucker for a gadget)     a week off work and finally get a few lie ins (new age lie ins that is until 7:30) scoffing Christmas chocolate!

Little D is loving: going on Christmas light hunts, her Paw Patrol pyjamas, her new scooter and Dinosaur helmet, taking her Trolls Poppy doll everywhere, wearing Christmas outfits everyday, staying up late on Christmas Eve to watch the Bear Hunt with Daddy

Litte F is loving: eating bananas all day long ( no change here) running around and hiding in the curtains, saying night night, playing on the rocking horse, his new Converse trainers, climbing EVERYTHING!



(According to Mr H a can of carling and a mince pie is all Santa wants?)

Christmas Day flew by in a blur of food and fun as it always does and as we discussed on Christmas Eve we are always terrible at taking pictures on the big day! This year was no exception, but we did manage a few.


Our picture this month was taken on Christmas Eve, we have embraced the charity stripey pyjamas and we were determined to get the dogs in too, not an easy task!


PC244232 (1).jpg

So here it is the 2016 Me and Mine monthly portrait round up and I absolutely love it, this is something I am determined to continue, although I am not sure its going to get any easier with a newborn to factor in too!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


The Me and Mine Project





{The Me & Mine Project} November 2016

This month has absolutely whizzed by in a blur of busy weeks and slow weekends. It has felt like this month, since we enjoyed a family Fireworks night out has been all about getting prepared, for the big C and baby no.3 in January. Having done this pregnancy thing twice before you think I would have remembered what month 7 & 8 feel like, a whole lot of sleeplessness, heartburn and backache in my case! This has all improved in recent weeks with some new medication and thankfully little F’s sleep is back to where he was before and we have even been treated to a few nights of complete sleep recently, unfortunately with a newborn arriving in January this is going to be very short-lived.

We absolutely love the run up to the big C in the Howeshold and I have been using the excuse of a January baby to kick things off a little early this year ( with the intention of packing it all away pretty early) and as I sit  writing this the tree is up and Buble is on! ( Mr H not so convinced by the music…) Little F has so nearly mastered walking and little D has been on her very best behaviour with the promise that Santa (and his robins!) are ALWAYS watching…. not to mention that she will literally do ANYTHING for Trolls stickers..hehe

This month’s photo was actually taken by my Dad ( Grandpa!) which is a miracle as he is not the most techy person… but we managed to set it up for him and despite the sky being very grey he got some good ones of us all. We are on our annual breakfast and tree shopping day (yes very early!) but I will save the rest of that day for anther post!


I am loving this month: baby swimming lessons with little F, snuggling on the sofa in the evenings with blankets and smelly candles, watching the fireworks with D, getting all the children’s cute winter clothes out, our annual Christmas tree buying trip with Grandpa, meeting a friends’ brand new squishy arrival.

Mr H is Loving: pretending not to be into Christmas already! sneaking extra Troll blind bags in the shopping to make treasure hunts for little D, watching The Missing (finale tonight!!) a little bit more sleep, a new pint glass for evening beers!

Little D is loving:  her Trolls sticker album (which she announced to Mr H makes her feel VERy happy) playing with glowsticks on fireworks night, eating clementines, playing with the Christmas fuzzy felts and playmobil that came out the loft (oops a bit early)

Litte F is loving: eating bananas and blueberries, walking around the living room with his arms in the air and a big grin on his face, sleeping ALL night, his new pillow, playing with any toys with wheels, saying uh ohhhhhhhhh………


The Me and Mine Project

{The Me & Mine Project} October 2016

This month there has been such an obvious shift in the weather, and although its not been really cold our bear snowsuits, dinosaur hats, Peppa Pig wellies and coats are out! Our weekends have been full of Autumn walks and we have well and truly settled into our routines of nursery, ballet, swimming and toddler group.

My bump has really gone pop and unfortunately the dreaded pregnancy reflux is back. I have been trying to sneak in some cheeky afternoon sleeps when F naps and D watches Paw Patrol but it doesn’t usually work out…

We have had a half term full of adventures, including cinema dates to see Trolls (which little D is now obsessed with) ice skating, magic shows, Eden project trips, Creative caterpillars and ending with some Halloween fun.

This month has seen little F begin to attempt some steps and also his sleep to regress a little bit. Little D has seemed more and more grown up with tantrums becoming less and less frequent, and turning into a lovely (if a little mad?) little girl. There has been lots of talk about the arrival of baby number 3 in January and lots of caffeine fuelled days ( thanks F!)

I should probably point out that life has been pretty exhausting recently, big bumps, babies that don’t sleep,toddlers with endless amounts of energy, trying to do some admin work on the side has meant my blog has , well had two months of posts added today… but hopefully November will be a month of more energy!! (And blog post link ups)

We took our photo at the Eden project and in true Howeshold style we have temporarily misplaced our tripod ( we could lose anything in this family…) luckily the Gorilla Pod on a fence worked out just about ok. We had been ice skating, magic show spectating and pasty eating and we were on our way home, Little F is losing his baby looks all the time and D turning into much more of a little girl than chubby toddler. My bump is hidden which is a shame as I actually look like I am smuggling a pumpkin up my top!


I am loving this month: crocheting like mad for two new arrivals, glugging Gaviscon for reflux, seeing my bump go pop, GBBO cake nights, carving silly pumpkins.

Mr H is Loving: walking the dogs at night for some peace and quiet, taking little D ice skating at the Eden project, dressing up as a skeleton for D’s entertainment.

Little D is loving:  Trolls…talking about trolls, playing with trolls, looking for trolls..driving us all a bit mad about Trolls! Going on a cinema and Nandos date with Mummy, doing really well at swimming lessons, putting on her own shoes and nearly being able to get herself dressed/undressed, apricot (apringcot) yoghurt,  dressing up as a ghost, watching a Squirrels Tale at the theatre.

Litte F is loving: taking a few first steps, having a little hair trim (by Mummy), weekly swimming lessons, a first taste of chocolate pancakes, playing with his Toot Toot garage from aunty G.


The Me and Mine Project


{The Me & Mine Project} September 2016

September for me is a bit of a strange month, in what seems like a past life ( before little D when I was a primary school teacher) September arrived after 6 weeks of freedom and usually came with SUCH a heavy workload it would fly by in a blur of teaching exhaustion. This year it marked the end of Aunty G’s month long visit, the end of spontaneous days at the beach and getting back into the nursery / toddler group / rhythm of working weeks. I’m not going to lie, I have ALWAYS dreaded the end of the Summer, yes Autumn has it lovely bits too but nothing tops the sunshine and the sand and feeling of freedom that I feel in the Summer holidays.

On a more positive note Little D & F are both September babies so lots of the time was taken up planning and organising the Roarsome birthday party, we had a great day and made some super fun memories. Little D got SO into dinosaur singing and roaring and little F couldn’t have looked more dapper in his bow tie. Turning one is such a huge milestone, its almost like waving goodbye to the baby days and i’m not quite sure I am ready for that…

This month also marked the arrival of our 20 week scan, which showed baby number 3 is just perfect and another of the blue variety. I had always pictured in my head being a Mummy to two little girls (I think this stems more from growing up with a sister than anything else) but this means a perfectly aged buddy for little F, and two little brothers for D to keep in line!! Little D’s reaction … ‘we can have a girl next time Mummy’ made me realise i’ve been pregnant for a huge proportion of her life! but I think we can safely say this is going to be our final baby, I LOVE the baby stage but its all so exhausting physically, and we really want to go on some round the world adventures so need our tribe just to grow up a little bit more. Little D adores F and gives him lots of cuddles (headlocks) and is always bossing him around with her toys. She is the first to tell us to be quiet when he is asleep in the car and always keen to get him up to play after his nap. She keeps telling us she is looking forward to him walking, and I think she is right, running around together will be a lot of fun.

With turning 3 comes the opportunity to start some new adventures and little D started big girl swimming lessons and ballet this month and she cannot get enough of it, and we couldn’t be prouder watching her.

We took this months photo before the birthday party with D & F all dressed up ready to party.. (typically I had approx. five minutes to get ready in comparison but thats pretty standard in our house now!) Can’t get enough of F’s little curls and just how flipping happy D is to be having a party with all her friends and cake!

P9103779 (1).jpg


I am loving this month: getting back into a weekly routine, a little bit of one on one time with F when D is at nursery, drinking lots of Becks Blue, weekly baby swimming with little F, candle lit evenings with GGBO eating cake.

Mr H is Loving: Lots of Dad scootering, watching little D’s swimming lessons, watching Archer on Netflix, Playing Uncharted 4 on the Playstation, one on one time with D each week whilst F swims.

Little D is loving:  having a dinosaur party with all her friends, starting swimming lessons without Mummy & Daddy, getting dressed up for ballet lessons with Grandma, telling anyone who will listen she is 3! Collecting more My Little Ponies, collecting Stickie Monsters from Lidl.

Litte F is loving: still eating everything and anything, charging around at toddler group with out even a care for where I am, sitting at the big snack table at toddler group, a new Winter wardrobe full of dungarees (thanks Grandma!) Trying to get hold of phones and remotes when nobody is watching. Climbing on D’s bed and trying to steal her drink.


{The Me & Mine Project} August 2016

August this year has gone by in blur, exactly as it should have, full of adventures with Aunty G, plenty of sunshine of fun times. I am very much a Summertime person and as I get older and the years seem to go by faster and faster I can see a definite pattern to the impact of the seasons on my feelings, I ADORE Christmas, especially since having our own little ones and I spend January to May wishing the Summer to hurry along. In fact if I could just hibernate for the Winter (after Christmas) I think I would be much happier!

We have crabbed and beached and parked and scooted all day long and loved every minute of it. Little D is so happy to be outside and we have had an ace Summer with lots of ice cream slotted in too! Little F has just slotted in to everything, and is very much a beach and water baby like little D.

This months photo was taken on Mr H’s 32nd birthday, it was quite cold and cloudy for August but we still had an ace time scooting!





I am loving this month: playing Pokemon Go, baby n0.3 bump rapidly appearing and kicking, a whole month of aunty G adventures, eating out FAR too much, crab sandwiches, driving our new enormous family car, organising the house and decluttering, making baby name lists.

Mr H is Loving: playing Pokemon Go, eating out too much, his new Dad scooter, driving the new family wagon, turning 32, having some playstation time, enjoying the sunshine.

Little D is loving:  having aunty G to play with all month, looking at Pokemon, watching Pokemon on Netflix and singing the theme tune, playing in her new upstairs playroom, collecting a millions shells on the beach, her first ever trip to the cinema to see Finding Dory.

Litte F is loving: crawling at super lightening speed, getting better and better at cruising, trying to get hold of anything electrical or dangerous, napping like a boss (at least someone does!) eating anything put in front of him, eating half the sand at the beach, saying Mumma!

The Me and Mine Project




The Me & Mine Project {July}

It feels like this month the Summer has finally arrived! We have had a really busy month again, but unlike June it has been mostly positive busy with weddings, business sales, a short break to North Devon and the arrival of Aunty G from Australia. We have also had a tough few weeks with Mr H’s Dad being very unwell but he is now on the road to recovery. This month has seen little D settle really well at her new nursery and Little F get well and truly on the move crawling at super speed and talking gibberish all the time.

This months photo was taken on our little holiday to North Devon. We stayed in a lovely little sea side themed caravan on a farm, with views of the sea and the farm’s horses. It was super relaxing watching the sun set when the children had (finally) gone to sleep and little D absolutely loved our trips to a dinosaur park, the beach, our Wedding venue and a theme park! We all came home pretty tired (and very hot after we managed to pick the hottest two days of the year to go away… although mustn’t complain about that!) but had a great time and made lots of hilarious family memories.

Our photo is just an iPhone photo but I love it as we are sat on the Dinosaur train which little D was SO excited about! It seems she is a bit of a thrill seeker and loved her first rollercoaster ride aswell!







I am loving this month: playing Pokemon Go, seeing Baby No.3 wiggling at our scan, finalising the sale of my business, watching Stranger Things on Netflix, the arrival of Aunty G for a whole month, going on a North Devon mini holiday.

Mr H is Loving: playing Pokemon Go, seeing Baby No.3  wiggling at our scan, watching Stranger Thing on Netflix, time off work in the sunshine for our mini holiday, taking little D on the Dodgems.

Little D is loving:  collecting monster toys and taking them everywhere in her pockets (still), going on her first roller coaster, arriving at nursery with a smile, giving out her party invites, going on holiday, going to her first wedding.

Litte F is loving: scoffing bananas, crawling around super fast, standing up in his cot, blowing raspberries and clapping his hands, trying to grab every phone or laptop he can reach, growing EVEN more blonde curls, underwater swimming.

The Me and Mine Project



{The Me and Mine Project} 2016 June

June has disappeared in a flash of not too sunny days and too much work work work in the Howeshold. We are looking forward to July and getting up to some much needed beach and Summer fun. We have all been sleepy and full of cold and hopefully July will give us some much needed down time and fun.

This months photos are taken in the Pick your Own just down the road from our house. Last year we went a little too late and so this year we made sure we made it in time for the best fruit. Little D LOVED it! She did, however, not quite get the concept and we ended up with nearly a whole punnet of strawberries with on bite out of them! The great thing about pick your own is they also sell ice cream, and little D is an ice cream fiend! ( so is Mr H to be fair..)



I am loving this month: a few girly evenings with friends gossiping, cooking Gousto meals- yum, visiting old friends in Somerset, planning (Pintrest browsing) a shuffle upstairs to create a playroom.

Mr H is Loving: Football on TV all the time! (until we got knocked out), playing his Father’s Day ukulele, eating Gousto meals, visiting old friends in Somerset.

Little D is loving:  collecting monster toys and taking them everywhere in her pockets, talking about her birthday in September, colouring in the lines (kind of) her new balance bike and Peppa Pig Helmet.

Litte F is loving: starting to crawl, sitting up after his naps and playing with his toys in his cot, growing some golden curls,  saying mama, scoffing strawberries, trying to play with D’s monsters…


The Me and Mine Project



{The Me and Mine Project} 2016 May

May, you took a looonnnggg time to arrive as after booking our Summer holiday back at the start of the year we have been counting down the days! A whole week away in Spain, close to Barcelona, with plenty of sunshine and beach time. Just what we all needed, a week away from the hum drum of work, pre-school and house work! I managed to go on a hen do and be child free (for almost) a whole day. Potty training has also been on all our minds this month and hopefully we have pretty much cracked it! (phew)

Our photo this month had to be on holiday and I absolutely love these, we all look so happy and relaxed and the blue flowers look beautiful. We took this late one afternoon when we visited some pretty gardens up on the cliff top, it was just very relaxing and we found a beach cove we could see over the cliff that we visited the next day, a little gem!







I am loving this month: sunny day adventures, a whole week away as a family, eating buffet breakfast for a whole week, our new camera, wearing flip flops everyday, finding out my friend is pregnant, going to Creative Caterpillars every week with little D, feeling proud of D’s potty training achievements.

Mr H is Loving: basking in the sunshine at home & on holiday, messing around with snapchat filters, buying little D toys as rewards, finally getting a chance to read a book (well… half a book) on holiday, wearing shorts all the time, not wearing socks….

Little D is loving:  swimming in her new float jacket, eating bucket loads of ice-cream, getting stickers for potty training, reading Sally and the Limpet, wearing sandals everyday, playing in the garden lots, eating lots of raisins, making sand castles at the beach.

Litte F is loving: any toys with wheels to spin, eating EVERYTHING, trying to commando crawl backwards, being tickled behind the knees and toes, standing and giggling with Daddy, shouting very loud, clicking his tongue especially when enjoying his food!


The Me and Mine Project