The Me and Mine Project {October 2017}

October has been a super busy month full of welly walks, winter beach trips, baby milestones ..sitting up and commando crawling, Woodlands trip, swimming milestones 5 whole metres! first hair cuts, bikes rides, new bobble hats,  Mr H went to Canada, a whollleeee loaddd of pumpkin fun and an ice skating trip at Eden! No wonder we are all knackered!

This month’s photo was taken on a VERY grey day at the beach, little F is in full terrible twos mode and absolutely refusing to pose for a photo ( do ANYTHING we ask..) so Mr H has gone for the hang him upside down and he will laugh for a photo pose!



New Red Boots!

IMG_4358.jpgHalloween pasta for the Win!IMG_4379

Big Boy Hair Cut


Good Hair day?



Sitting up like a champ!


Little fish!



Hat Model


Finding the perfect pumpkin


Ice Skating session at Eden


Watching the big kids ice skate


BFG dream making at Eden


The Dream cave!



How we all feel this month….

This month I am loving going to a weekly art class with D&F, all the Halloween fun, buying new Autumn clothes for the children, watching D’s swimming come on so well, Little G hitting lots of milestones, Mt H coming home from Canada, coffee coffee coffeee

Little D is loving her new red boots, swimming a whole 5m by herself, playing pooh sticks in the woods, feet painting at Creative Caterpillars, picking, washing, carving and painting pumpkins, having her face painted at Pumpkin day, laughing her head off at the Juggler performer!

Little F is loving sitting super still for a big boy haircut, splashing in puddles in the woods, playing with all the play dough at home, picking and washing his own pumpkin, the Blaze car at Eden ( had to pull him off screaming!) Singing 5 little pumpkins

Little G is loving sitting up to play with his toys, his new bobble hat, dressing as a pumpkin for his first Halloween, some new dinosaur clothes

Mr H is loving the swinging ship at Woodlands, ice skating with the big kids, drawing pumpkins on all the oranges to make little D laugh, ticking Canada off the list!