The Me and Mine Project {June 2017}

This month has been a busy one, still feeling all a bit chaotic as staying at Grandpa’s house whilst the extension carries on. This month it reached the stage of looking worse before it could look better!?! No kitchen… a lot of ripped down ceilings, visiting every night and feeling a bit ahhhh about the whole thing…will it ever be finished?!


This month has had its fair share of sunshine, and we managed to time little G’s first holiday with a mad heatwave (which also happened on our Summer get away last year!) and 4 nights in a log cabin in Wales. It took 6 hours to do  3.5 hour journey with a hungry baby that did a poonami in his car seat, and two hungry , tired toddlers who need the toilet ALOT! Having said that we had a MUCH needed break, the children, who have been cooped up in a two bedroom house, had acres of space to run around and we just had some family time to relax…as much as you can with three children under 4!!

This month’s photo is taken in  Wales, in the Golf buggy we hired to get about the park we stayed in (most definitely the highlight of the toddler’s holiday!)


This month I am loving steak BBQs cooked by Grandpa, a spacious lodge all for us, a sunny trip to a Welsh beach, an enormous chocolate dessert in Tenby, watching the Hand Maid’s Tale every Sunday, buying the finishing touches for the extension.

Mr H is loving Grandpa’s steak BBQ, cruising around with all of us in the Golf cart, garden time in the sunshine, lazy weekends at the Pub and Park, watching the Hand Maid’s Tale every Sunday and diving D around in a Go Kart, first father days celebrations as a Daddy to three!

Little D is loving the special new car (golf cart) playing at the beach in Wales visiting Folly Farm and driving a Go cart with Daddy, her new Rainbow converse shoes, a pony ride at the local school fair, eating lots of ice cream!

Litte F is loving wearing his sunhat and shouting at at at! Going in the sea at every opportunity! Saying wheeee in the golf cart, eating ice cream (all over his face!) Driving a Digger at Folly Farm with Daddy.

Little G is loving rolling all over the place! His first holiday, a cheeky taste of fromage frais, a ride on a big wheel, growing his hair lots! Chilling in his beach tent.







The Me & Mine Project {July}

It feels like this month the Summer has finally arrived! We have had a really busy month again, but unlike June it has been mostly positive busy with weddings, business sales, a short break to North Devon and the arrival of Aunty G from Australia. We have also had a tough few weeks with Mr H’s Dad being very unwell but he is now on the road to recovery. This month has seen little D settle really well at her new nursery and Little F get well and truly on the move crawling at super speed and talking gibberish all the time.

This months photo was taken on our little holiday to North Devon. We stayed in a lovely little sea side themed caravan on a farm, with views of the sea and the farm’s horses. It was super relaxing watching the sun set when the children had (finally) gone to sleep and little D absolutely loved our trips to a dinosaur park, the beach, our Wedding venue and a theme park! We all came home pretty tired (and very hot after we managed to pick the hottest two days of the year to go away… although mustn’t complain about that!) but had a great time and made lots of hilarious family memories.

Our photo is just an iPhone photo but I love it as we are sat on the Dinosaur train which little D was SO excited about! It seems she is a bit of a thrill seeker and loved her first rollercoaster ride aswell!







I am loving this month: playing Pokemon Go, seeing Baby No.3 wiggling at our scan, finalising the sale of my business, watching Stranger Things on Netflix, the arrival of Aunty G for a whole month, going on a North Devon mini holiday.

Mr H is Loving: playing Pokemon Go, seeing Baby No.3  wiggling at our scan, watching Stranger Thing on Netflix, time off work in the sunshine for our mini holiday, taking little D on the Dodgems.

Little D is loving:  collecting monster toys and taking them everywhere in her pockets (still), going on her first roller coaster, arriving at nursery with a smile, giving out her party invites, going on holiday, going to her first wedding.

Litte F is loving: scoffing bananas, crawling around super fast, standing up in his cot, blowing raspberries and clapping his hands, trying to grab every phone or laptop he can reach, growing EVEN more blonde curls, underwater swimming.

The Me and Mine Project



{The Ordinary Moments}#21 ‘An extraordinary week in Spain’

My last week’s ordinary moments are going up a little late this week as we have had an amazing week away in sunny Spain and as anyone with young children knows the washing mountain and tired children that have unfortunately come back with us have needed lots of time and attention!

Mr H and I usually go on one sunny holiday a year, its definitely become a annual event for us and we decided to continue it (albeit the things we get up to have dramatically changed… much less beer/cocktail drinking / dancing and adventures ) but we have taken D away before twice and this year off we went with a twoligan and 8 month old on an aeroplane. I’m not going to lie, its not the smoothest thing, dragging children out of bed in the middle of the night, driving for 2 hours, taking them along with 5 billion bags /cots /pushchairs /carseats but it is OH SO worth it. A whole week of pure fun time with ice cream included with every meal!

So here are the holiday extraORDINARY photos…P5182140.jpg

One happy little D on the water slides




This girl loves ice cream


Such a great time in the sunshine, making the best memories full of smiles, ice cream, swimming pools and beaches..