The Me and Mine Project {September 2017}

September! Aunty G to stay all month long. The month we gained a 4 year old and a 2 year old! A mad Trolls party at our house in the rain, a family wedding and a week in Majorca! It was  a crazy busy month!

This months Me and Mine picture, taken just after my cousin’s wedding ceremony, getting three little people and five billion snacks to the church on time was quite a challenge, 3 minis at a wedding and by 4pm Mr and H and I were just about ready for bed!






Little D and aunty G!


Birthday celebrations!




Happy Holibobs!


Best sushi date!IMG_4143

New ballet class, she loves it!


Growing so quickly…always smiling

This month I am loving baking  an enormous, red and blue, sprinkle covered Trolls cake with aunty G! Dancing the night away with Mr H and all the family at my cousin’s wedding, a week of sunshine in Majorca (despite the lack of sleep..) A mojito followed by a snooze on Port de Pollensa beach..bliss!

Little D is loving watching Amelia get married, belting out hymns despite not knowing a single word, dressing up as Poppy at her party, announcing to a plane full of people WE’VE LANDED half way through our flight, swimming everyday on holiday. Turning 4 and getting a new blue balance bike.

Little F is loving Lightening Mcqueen (queens as he calls the car he attached to!) wearing braces at the wedding, dressing up as Branch at his birthday party, eating way too much cake at his party  (couldn’t wait for everyone else) turning 2 in Majorca and celebrating with a new Blaze car and ice-cream, swimming everyday in Majorca, NOT SLEEPING at all on holiday…..

Little G is loving smiling like a loon on holiday, looking dapper in a bow tie at the wedding, sitting in a hole on the beach watching the world go by, floating round the last river at the water park, eating everything like a champ, growing his hair! Nearly sitting up and crawling…

Mr H is loving a whole week off work for a sunshine holiday, a childfree evening full of beer (and pasties!) at the wedding, all the big rides at the water park!




The me and mine Project {February 2017}

This month’s post is a little late… but not without good reason as on the 1st February we became a family of five! 9 days late and eventually little G arrived at 4:15 pm after A fairly quick labour. So February has been and gone in a flash, full of long sleepless nights, busy busy days which have disappeared in a baby bubble of happiness and exhaustion!! 

With our new arrival we have spent a lot of time at home this month trying to adjust to being a family of five with three under four. There’s been the inevitable trips to soft play and for coffee and cake but with a new baby and a rain filled garden there has been lots of sofa time! 

Little D has for the most part been a little star with G, having the odd cuddle and being really gentle. Little F, still a baby himself, has not given him too much notice which has made things a little easier. There has been far too much TV time this month and we are looking forward to getting used to our new normal next month and getting out on some more adventures!

This month’s portrait was taken in our living room, where I feel like I’ve spent most of this month!!! I am picturing an out doors spring sunshine shot for March! 

Introducing little G just a few minutes old..

Waiting to leave the hospital,

And one of my favourites this month…

This month I’ve been loving being in a newborn baby bubble, staring at the many faces of little G, taking billions of photos of G and trying hard to get lots of sibling photos, eating huge amounts of cheesecake! Window shopping for our new extension.

Mr H is loving all the cheesecake I keep buying, having paternity leave time off, starting swimming lessons againwith little F, making plans for our house extension.

Little D is loving watching Trolls over and over and over again, talking about Trolls! Playing with magnetic letters and spelling all our  names, cuddling G before bedtime.

Little f is loving watching Stickman, Room on the Broom and the Gruffalo, getting new cars from Grandma, saying thank you in the cutest voice, getting some more teeth ( finally!)

Little G is loving making his appearance Earthside! Not sleeping at night… swinging every evening in his Joie swing chair, growing like a weed!  


The Me and Mine Project

Little D @ 3 years old

Little D recently had a third birthday and I think there is something that sounds so much more grown up about a 3 year old than a 2 year old. We have definitely waved goodbye to the baby days, the toddler days and have ourselves a mini munchkin pre-schooler. The twos have probably been the most tricky with little D, at about 2.5 the tantrums were in full swing, not easily fixed and VERY loud… but now at 3 they are few and far between and I feel more and more each day like I have a mini me side kick to spend my days with chattering away, who on the whole isn’t going to go  bananas because I gave her the wrong spoon….or she fell asleep for a microsecond in the car. ( we will try to forget the split sausage at the weekend mr H ) So heres a little round up of my big girl at three years old, the little girl who I still can’t believe is SO big now…

*This little girl thrives on routine, she loves two bedtime stories a cuddle, a kiss followed by an eskimo kiss followed by two strokes of the head and sleeps like a dream, usually waiting for her Groclock to hit 7 to wake me up with a rather loud Mummmmmmmmyyyyy

*She LOVES to do things for herself and at 3 has almost cracked getting completely dressed and undressed herself

*She loves to collect any toys that are small enough to fill a bag with and then line up, these include Star Monsters and My Little Ponies… she gets VERY cross when F knocks them over!

*She has taken to swimming and ballet lessons so well, we weren’t sure whether suggesting her doing them without us was going to end up in a complete meltdown but it was actually the opposite and I love how proud we feel each week watching her dance and swim and how much she enjoys herself

*If you ask her what she would like to do each day she will always answer the same, go to the park!

*Her hair is SO long and she has never had it cut…that might have to happen soon..

* She is so excited when she gets a birthday party invitation and adores going to parties and having cake.

*She loves going to nursery for 1 and half days a week and has fallen in love with a little boy!

*She is still a big book worm and every night before she goes to sleep she sits in her bed telling stories

*Her favourite colour is orange

*She loves her little brother but is not afraid to push him out the way if he’s knocking down her toys!

*There is not really much she is afraid of, including all the scary Halloween bits and bobs but put her near a hand drier and she is petrified!!

I Think 3 is going to a good year for little D, we still have all of 3 and 4 at home before school and we are really enjoying are relaxed days with activities,toddler group and a rather slow pace of life and she is just a very happy little girl.


Enjoying a special pancake breakfast on her birthday



All dressed up and ready for her birthday party!


SO happy to be singing and painting at her party!


Scootering to the park, a favourite activity!


Dressed up as a fairy at a friend’s party


Enjoying a babychinno at the Eden Project ice rink!




{The Me & Mine Project} September 2016

September for me is a bit of a strange month, in what seems like a past life ( before little D when I was a primary school teacher) September arrived after 6 weeks of freedom and usually came with SUCH a heavy workload it would fly by in a blur of teaching exhaustion. This year it marked the end of Aunty G’s month long visit, the end of spontaneous days at the beach and getting back into the nursery / toddler group / rhythm of working weeks. I’m not going to lie, I have ALWAYS dreaded the end of the Summer, yes Autumn has it lovely bits too but nothing tops the sunshine and the sand and feeling of freedom that I feel in the Summer holidays.

On a more positive note Little D & F are both September babies so lots of the time was taken up planning and organising the Roarsome birthday party, we had a great day and made some super fun memories. Little D got SO into dinosaur singing and roaring and little F couldn’t have looked more dapper in his bow tie. Turning one is such a huge milestone, its almost like waving goodbye to the baby days and i’m not quite sure I am ready for that…

This month also marked the arrival of our 20 week scan, which showed baby number 3 is just perfect and another of the blue variety. I had always pictured in my head being a Mummy to two little girls (I think this stems more from growing up with a sister than anything else) but this means a perfectly aged buddy for little F, and two little brothers for D to keep in line!! Little D’s reaction … ‘we can have a girl next time Mummy’ made me realise i’ve been pregnant for a huge proportion of her life! but I think we can safely say this is going to be our final baby, I LOVE the baby stage but its all so exhausting physically, and we really want to go on some round the world adventures so need our tribe just to grow up a little bit more. Little D adores F and gives him lots of cuddles (headlocks) and is always bossing him around with her toys. She is the first to tell us to be quiet when he is asleep in the car and always keen to get him up to play after his nap. She keeps telling us she is looking forward to him walking, and I think she is right, running around together will be a lot of fun.

With turning 3 comes the opportunity to start some new adventures and little D started big girl swimming lessons and ballet this month and she cannot get enough of it, and we couldn’t be prouder watching her.

We took this months photo before the birthday party with D & F all dressed up ready to party.. (typically I had approx. five minutes to get ready in comparison but thats pretty standard in our house now!) Can’t get enough of F’s little curls and just how flipping happy D is to be having a party with all her friends and cake!

P9103779 (1).jpg


I am loving this month: getting back into a weekly routine, a little bit of one on one time with F when D is at nursery, drinking lots of Becks Blue, weekly baby swimming with little F, candle lit evenings with GGBO eating cake.

Mr H is Loving: Lots of Dad scootering, watching little D’s swimming lessons, watching Archer on Netflix, Playing Uncharted 4 on the Playstation, one on one time with D each week whilst F swims.

Little D is loving:  having a dinosaur party with all her friends, starting swimming lessons without Mummy & Daddy, getting dressed up for ballet lessons with Grandma, telling anyone who will listen she is 3! Collecting more My Little Ponies, collecting Stickie Monsters from Lidl.

Litte F is loving: still eating everything and anything, charging around at toddler group with out even a care for where I am, sitting at the big snack table at toddler group, a new Winter wardrobe full of dungarees (thanks Grandma!) Trying to get hold of phones and remotes when nobody is watching. Climbing on D’s bed and trying to steal her drink.


{THE ORDINARY MOMENTS}#36 ‘A Roarsome Birthday Party}

With birthdays only a couple of weeks apart this year we decided to attempt a joint party for Little F & D, I think it would be so great if these two could be best buddies and share parties for a little while longer and this year was a great success. Little D LOVES dinosaurs at the moment, (alongside My Little Ponies) which makes me feel like we are doing just right with D, she can’t get enough of those expensive, plastic, glittery ponies but is equally excited by  big roaring dinosaur toys.

This years cake making was as stressful as the last two years (who would have thought there could be so much pressure on making cakes…and why do Youtube videos always make it look so easy) but Little D absolutely adored her dino cake  and is at just the right age to really enjoy having a party. We had an arts and crafts dino party in the garden and just like last year the sunshine made a last minute appearance and it turned out to be fabulous!