{The Me & Mine Project} October 2016

This month there has been such an obvious shift in the weather, and although its not been really cold our bear snowsuits, dinosaur hats, Peppa Pig wellies and coats are out! Our weekends have been full of Autumn walks and we have well and truly settled into our routines of nursery, ballet, swimming and toddler group.

My bump has really gone pop and unfortunately the dreaded pregnancy reflux is back. I have been trying to sneak in some cheeky afternoon sleeps when F naps and D watches Paw Patrol but it doesn’t usually work out…

We have had a half term full of adventures, including cinema dates to see Trolls (which little D is now obsessed with) ice skating, magic shows, Eden project trips, Creative caterpillars and ending with some Halloween fun.

This month has seen little F begin to attempt some steps and also his sleep to regress a little bit. Little D has seemed more and more grown up with tantrums becoming less and less frequent, and turning into a lovely (if a little mad?) little girl. There has been lots of talk about the arrival of baby number 3 in January and lots of caffeine fuelled days ( thanks F!)

I should probably point out that life has been pretty exhausting recently, big bumps, babies that don’t sleep,toddlers with endless amounts of energy, trying to do some admin work on the side has meant my blog has , well had two months of posts added today… but hopefully November will be a month of more energy!! (And blog post link ups)

We took our photo at the Eden project and in true Howeshold style we have temporarily misplaced our tripod ( we could lose anything in this family…) luckily the Gorilla Pod on a fence worked out just about ok. We had been ice skating, magic show spectating and pasty eating and we were on our way home, Little F is losing his baby looks all the time and D turning into much more of a little girl than chubby toddler. My bump is hidden which is a shame as I actually look like I am smuggling a pumpkin up my top!


I am loving this month: crocheting like mad for two new arrivals, glugging Gaviscon for reflux, seeing my bump go pop, GBBO cake nights, carving silly pumpkins.

Mr H is Loving: walking the dogs at night for some peace and quiet, taking little D ice skating at the Eden project, dressing up as a skeleton for D’s entertainment.

Little D is loving:  Trolls…talking about trolls, playing with trolls, looking for trolls..driving us all a bit mad about Trolls! Going on a cinema and Nandos date with Mummy, doing really well at swimming lessons, putting on her own shoes and nearly being able to get herself dressed/undressed, apricot (apringcot) yoghurt,  dressing up as a ghost, watching a Squirrels Tale at the theatre.

Litte F is loving: taking a few first steps, having a little hair trim (by Mummy), weekly swimming lessons, a first taste of chocolate pancakes, playing with his Toot Toot garage from aunty G.


The Me and Mine Project