{THE ORDINARY MOMENTS}#52 ‘A first big boot beach stroll’

This little man has only really walking for about a month, but has mastered running about the house like a loon with little D very quickly! He loved to run on the beach in his wellies, he doesn’t have many words yet but did an amazing shhhh… whilst little D was on a bear hunt!







The Siblings Project {December 2016}

So this is it! A Year of siblings project photos, which has seen D lose her toddler chubbiness and turn into a proper little girl, and little F from a chubby baby who we used to lay next to D to a walking, jabbering proper whirlwind toddler.  This month, since F has really found his feet,  has meant there have been multiple games of run up and down the hall way as fast as you can while D shouts ‘your it!’ and giggles her head off and F schemes the highest pitch scream.

This month’s photo just gives me a massive smile, my two beautiful, not so small babies, in their Christmas pyjamas  smiling from ear to ear.


So here it is, this years siblings project roundup! Its absolutely mad to think that there might be a number 3 by the time next months photo comes around, and definitely by February, who knows how tricky its going to be to get photos of a newborn, a 1 year old and a 3 year old together!


The Me and Mine Project


{THE ORDINARY MOMENTS}#47 ‘Meeting the Big FC’

This was just one of those days when it all just worked out ok, little F napped when we wanted him to, nobody had a tantrum or a nappy disaster or threw up, everyone ate their lunch (more pasties as you do when in Cornwall) and we just had a fab family time at Eden meeting Santa, you can see in D’s little face she can’t quite believe its him! I Love these photos we took in Eden cafe before we met the big man, you can’t really see but my bump is enormous and making a perfect  seat and everyone just looks so happy in the moment soaking up the Christmas atmosphere.



{THE ORDINARY MOMENTS}#46 ‘Writing to the big man’

This is the first year little D has really got the big FC concept and we have used every opportunity to tell her the robins are watching to make sure she is being good!! So good for speeding up all the boring bits of life like cleaning teeth and getting dressed!  She was pretty pleased with her letter asking for ‘some toys’ and loved an outing to the post office for a stamp and to the post box (and a park detour obviously as when you are 3 the park is always first choice!) Its the simple things…..



{The Me & Mine Project} November 2016

This month has absolutely whizzed by in a blur of busy weeks and slow weekends. It has felt like this month, since we enjoyed a family Fireworks night out has been all about getting prepared, for the big C and baby no.3 in January. Having done this pregnancy thing twice before you think I would have remembered what month 7 & 8 feel like, a whole lot of sleeplessness, heartburn and backache in my case! This has all improved in recent weeks with some new medication and thankfully little F’s sleep is back to where he was before and we have even been treated to a few nights of complete sleep recently, unfortunately with a newborn arriving in January this is going to be very short-lived.

We absolutely love the run up to the big C in the Howeshold and I have been using the excuse of a January baby to kick things off a little early this year ( with the intention of packing it all away pretty early) and as I sit  writing this the tree is up and Buble is on! ( Mr H not so convinced by the music…) Little F has so nearly mastered walking and little D has been on her very best behaviour with the promise that Santa (and his robins!) are ALWAYS watching…. not to mention that she will literally do ANYTHING for Trolls stickers..hehe

This month’s photo was actually taken by my Dad ( Grandpa!) which is a miracle as he is not the most techy person… but we managed to set it up for him and despite the sky being very grey he got some good ones of us all. We are on our annual breakfast and tree shopping day (yes very early!) but I will save the rest of that day for anther post!


I am loving this month: baby swimming lessons with little F, snuggling on the sofa in the evenings with blankets and smelly candles, watching the fireworks with D, getting all the children’s cute winter clothes out, our annual Christmas tree buying trip with Grandpa, meeting a friends’ brand new squishy arrival.

Mr H is Loving: pretending not to be into Christmas already! sneaking extra Troll blind bags in the shopping to make treasure hunts for little D, watching The Missing (finale tonight!!) a little bit more sleep, a new pint glass for evening beers!

Little D is loving:  her Trolls sticker album (which she announced to Mr H makes her feel VERy happy) playing with glowsticks on fireworks night, eating clementines, playing with the Christmas fuzzy felts and playmobil that came out the loft (oops a bit early)

Litte F is loving: eating bananas and blueberries, walking around the living room with his arms in the air and a big grin on his face, sleeping ALL night, his new pillow, playing with any toys with wheels, saying uh ohhhhhhhhh………


The Me and Mine Project

{THE ORDINARY MOMENTS}#45 ‘Disco week & ballerinas’

My little ballerina, I snapped this just before her lesson started, she is looking down at the Christmas decorations in the hall and is just about to turn around with a big look of excitement, ballet lessons may be weekly but little D absolutely loves them and I can’t help but think she looks oh so adorable in her tutu!


Little F is looking a little less impressed by his weekly toddler sense class, seems disco week was not quite his thing, in fact the face he is making here is pretty much the face he made the whole session. F is still not quite confident with his walking but this standing is becoming more and more frequent and makes he look so much more like a toddler.