2017 …we got this…

Its a new year, the Crimbo Limbo of cheese and chocolate scoffing is over and 2017 has rollllleddd around, and traditionally this means my least favourite month has too…

January oh January, the month I usually associate with a bit of a sinking feeling..how can anything compare to the fun and build up to Christmas, I love everything about it, the anticipation, the jumpers, the parties, the family meet ups and mostly the magic and excitement since having my own children ( slightly replacing the food and merriness of past Christmas celebrations!) So January usually arrives with a bit of a cloud (and a lot of rain…), and it is notoriously the month that Mr H and I usually book a sunny holiday for the Summer…but not this year, as this January will change forever with baby no.3 due in a mere 2 weeks. So next year we will be planning a first birthday party! It also means no sunny holiday this year as Mr H and I have decided that perhaps 3 under 4 on an aeroplane could even be a bit too much for us, so 2017 brings our first proper UK holiday aswell.

So 2017, a new baby, a Summer Β (UK) holiday to look forward to, the rumblings perhaps of a house extension (which I am VERY excited about) it will be the year of being a complete stay at home Mum (albeit a small amount of admin for my Dad’s business) to three children under 4, including a newborn and 16 month old. I’m sure this year is going to be full of sleeplessness, lots of coffee fuelled toddler group trips and soft play visits, and I am going to embrace it with that smugness of knowing this is baby number 3, I got this (kind of) and I know this whirlwind of milk, nappies and madness will be short-lived. We’ve got years ahead of us to get back towards doing the things that we enjoy, (and to my career) and get some more holidays and travelling in. We know that those nights out and festivals can wait because this year is going to be about the little people. The days are long but the years are short.

This is going to be our last baby and I am going to enjoy it as much as I can, I’ve got experience on my side and I know that tears from exhaustion about breastfeeding, formula, dummies babies that don’t sleep and weaning WILL happen, but having come out the other side , twice, it doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks, you will know whats best at the time and all you need to do is do your best, and your little person will turn into a loving , happy little person, and I should know because I have two of the best!!

I’ve absolutely loved the photo projects I took part in over 2016, I don’t think you can quite beat the Me and Mine monthly portraits, they are great, and the siblings photos also especially when your babies are so little and growing like weeds, so I am determined to carry on with both of these hosted by Lucy @ Dear Beautiful Boy, and I am also going to make sure I make more time for looking at other bloggers posts too.

The Me and Mine Project
The Me and Mine Project

I think I would really like to have a go at join in the home life project aswell, although perhaps not every month, I think it will make a great contrast of being all about non – posed photos, a series of home life photos ,12 photos over 1 day, hosted by May Bush Studio.

Home Life Photography Project

So thats its, playing the waiting game for baby no.3, as I write this 38 (wowsers!) weeks pregnant, and ready to embrace 2017 the year of 3 littlies and not much sleep anticipated!




Little D @ 3 years old

Little D recently had a third birthday and I think there is something that sounds so much more grown up about a 3 year old than a 2 year old. We have definitely waved goodbye to the baby days, the toddler days and have ourselves a mini munchkin pre-schooler. The twos have probably been the most tricky with little D, at about 2.5 the tantrums were in full swing, not easily fixed and VERY loud… but now at 3 they are few and far between and I feel more and more each day like I have a mini me side kick to spend my days with chattering away, who on the whole isn’t going to go Β bananas because I gave her the wrong spoon….or she fell asleep for a microsecond in the car. ( we will try to forget the split sausage at the weekend mr H ) So heres a little round up of my big girl at three years old, the little girl who I still can’t believe is SO big now…

*This little girl thrives on routine, she loves two bedtime stories a cuddle, a kiss followed by an eskimo kiss followed by two strokes of the head and sleeps like a dream, usually waiting for her Groclock to hit 7 to wake me up with a rather loud Mummmmmmmmyyyyy

*She LOVES to do things for herself and at 3 has almost cracked getting completely dressed and undressed herself

*She loves to collect any toys that are small enough to fill a bag with and then line up, these include Star Monsters and My Little Ponies… she gets VERY cross when F knocks them over!

*She has taken to swimming and ballet lessons so well, we weren’t sure whether suggesting her doing them without us was going to end up in a complete meltdown but it was actually the opposite and I love how proud we feel each week watching her dance and swim and how much she enjoys herself

*If you ask her what she would like to do each day she will always answer the same, go to the park!

*Her hair is SO long and she has never had it cut…that might have to happen soon..

* She is so excited when she gets a birthday party invitation and adores going to parties and having cake.

*She loves going to nursery for 1 and half days a week and has fallen in love with a little boy!

*She is still a big book worm and every night before she goes to sleep she sits in her bed telling stories

*Her favourite colour is orange

*She loves her little brother but is not afraid to push him out the way if he’s knocking down her toys!

*There is not really much she is afraid of, including all the scary Halloween bits and bobs but put her near a hand drier and she is petrified!!

I Think 3 is going to a good year for little D, we still have all of 3 and 4 at home before school and we are really enjoying are relaxed days with activities,toddler group and a rather slow pace of life and she is just a very happy little girl.


Enjoying a special pancake breakfast on her birthday



All dressed up and ready for her birthday party!


SO happy to be singing and painting at her party!


Scootering to the park, a favourite activity!


Dressed up as a fairy at a friend’s party


Enjoying a babychinno at the Eden Project ice rink!




{The Ordinary Moments}#32 ‘Family crabbing’

We are so lucky to live where we do, 10 minutes from the sea air , something I really missed in my spells of living away for university in Bristol and then Somerset. Little D thinks crabbing is the best and we had a great time catching approximately 100,000 crabs with Aunty G, Grandma and Grandpa. I love the ones of little F just sat on the quay, and I adore the photo of little D on the walk home, she looks so grown up!



{The Ordinary Moments} #31’First Shoes’

Little F has started to cruise around like a pro, and theres nothing I love more than a little pair of shoes on the end of a little pair of chubby legs, So off we went to part with a million pounds in Clarks and get some new shoes! Being the terribly organised Mummy that I am I forgot to take any socks, and all they had in the shop were some giant Minion ones but all worth it for these lovely red sneakers!


After shopping we had a cheeky M&S picnic in the sunshine with Aunty G, it was blissfull, and I love these ( very windy) photos of us in front of Smeatons Tower.


{The Ordinary Moments} #30’Third Place’

This week ( the first week of August) has been a date long anticipated in the Howeshold, the arrival of Aunty G from Australia. As I write this ( a month later as Aunty G has just departed…) I can really appreciate the month long adventure we have had having her to stay.

Aunty G has been living on the other side of the world for the best part of ten years, so in a way it is very much a part of our norm. We talk a lot, we FaceTime a lot, but we have very much come to understand why we are living our lives in opposite directions and also got into an amazing routine of G visiting and us having the BEST time together, and this Summer has not disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, its still totally rubbish when she leaves, how could it not be when we have had 4 weeks of adventures but she will be back and we will have even more, so until then we will keep Facetiming and get planning for next time!

Totally got off track, so this weeks ordinary moment, Little D (with more than a little help from aunty G) came third by catching a grand total of 5 crabs in our local village Regatta Crabbing Competition. I’m not sure who was more pleased!? but little D was pretty happy with her chips and red dip at the pub to celebrate!! I am hoping we can make this an annual event…..although not entirely sure what that will look like next August when we have THREE little ones to stop running off the edge of the quay!



{The Ordinary Moments} #29’A big Surprise’

My blogging has not been great this month, probably because every opportunity I have had to sit down on the sofa ( my blogging desk!) I have fallen asleep…. and thats probably because Β baby number 3 is well and truly on the way.

After a big surprise, some weeks of keeping it a special little secret we have shared the news with our family and friends and we are preparing for life with 3 children under 4 and the madness that is surely going to bring. Little D is pretty excited and I’m sure growing up with siblings is one the best things we can give her, friends for life. We are so excited to have a big family and all that it entails and ready to enjoy what will be our last baby and the craziness of having a new born, a toddler and a pre-schooler at home. I’m pretty sure we can kiss goodbye to willing baby sitters and sleep for a good few years but am sure it will all be SO worth it when we have 5 of us to enjoy all of our adventures.