The Siblings Project {January}

I wasn’t sure if this month’s siblings project would have an extra squishy addition, but here I am 39 weeks pregnant having taken our photos over the weekend when we went for an extra long walk at the beach with some sprinting and football too (which is kind of the day that made me go into labour with little F last time…but no such luck..)

D & F have been playing together more and more this month as F’s understanding is becoming so much more advanced and D can convince him to follow her around, run up and down the hallway, hide behind the curtains whilst screaming and crawl through her tunnel. F still does a lot of jabbering and is saying a few words, although not always in the right context, he says no and means yes a lot of the time!




The Me and Mine Project



The Home Life Project {January}

A slow and simple Thursday, Mr H back at work, children who love to wear their Daddy’s shoes, a spot of shopping, Β and a coffee/cake break, two new water bottles making the little people VERY happy, some dancing in the living room and a spot of thank you card crafting while little F napped.









Home Life Photography ProjectHome Life Photography Project















2017 …we got this…

Its a new year, the Crimbo Limbo of cheese and chocolate scoffing is over and 2017 has rollllleddd around, and traditionally this means my least favourite month has too…

January oh January, the month I usually associate with a bit of a sinking can anything compare to the fun and build up to Christmas, I love everything about it, the anticipation, the jumpers, the parties, the family meet ups and mostly the magic and excitement since having my own children ( slightly replacing the food and merriness of past Christmas celebrations!) So January usually arrives with a bit of a cloud (and a lot of rain…), and it is notoriously the month that Mr H and I usually book a sunny holiday for the Summer…but not this year, as this January will change forever with baby no.3 due in a mere 2 weeks. So next year we will be planning a first birthday party! It also means no sunny holiday this year as Mr H and I have decided that perhaps 3 under 4 on an aeroplane could even be a bit too much for us, so 2017 brings our first proper UK holiday aswell.

So 2017, a new baby, a Summer Β (UK) holiday to look forward to, the rumblings perhaps of a house extension (which I am VERY excited about) it will be the year of being a complete stay at home Mum (albeit a small amount of admin for my Dad’s business) to three children under 4, including a newborn and 16 month old. I’m sure this year is going to be full of sleeplessness, lots of coffee fuelled toddler group trips and soft play visits, and I am going to embrace it with that smugness of knowing this is baby number 3, I got this (kind of) and I know this whirlwind of milk, nappies and madness will be short-lived. We’ve got years ahead of us to get back towards doing the things that we enjoy, (and to my career) and get some more holidays and travelling in. We know that those nights out and festivals can wait because this year is going to be about the little people. The days are long but the years are short.

This is going to be our last baby and I am going to enjoy it as much as I can, I’ve got experience on my side and I know that tears from exhaustion about breastfeeding, formula, dummies babies that don’t sleep and weaning WILL happen, but having come out the other side , twice, it doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks, you will know whats best at the time and all you need to do is do your best, and your little person will turn into a loving , happy little person, and I should know because I have two of the best!!

I’ve absolutely loved the photo projects I took part in over 2016, I don’t think you can quite beat the Me and Mine monthly portraits, they are great, and the siblings photos also especially when your babies are so little and growing like weeds, so I am determined to carry on with both of these hosted by Lucy @ Dear Beautiful Boy, and I am also going to make sure I make more time for looking at other bloggers posts too.

The Me and Mine Project
The Me and Mine Project

I think I would really like to have a go at join in the home life project aswell, although perhaps not every month, I think it will make a great contrast of being all about non – posed photos, a series of home life photos ,12 photos over 1 day, hosted by May Bush Studio.

Home Life Photography Project

So thats its, playing the waiting game for baby no.3, as I write this 38 (wowsers!) weeks pregnant, and ready to embrace 2017 the year of 3 littlies and not much sleep anticipated!