Little D @ 3 years old

Little D recently had a third birthday and I think there is something that sounds so much more grown up about a 3 year old than a 2 year old. We have definitely waved goodbye to the baby days, the toddler days and have ourselves a mini munchkin pre-schooler. The twos have probably been the most tricky with little D, at about 2.5 the tantrums were in full swing, not easily fixed and VERY loud… but now at 3 they are few and far between and I feel more and more each day like I have a mini me side kick to spend my days with chattering away, who on the whole isn’t going to go  bananas because I gave her the wrong spoon….or she fell asleep for a microsecond in the car. ( we will try to forget the split sausage at the weekend mr H ) So heres a little round up of my big girl at three years old, the little girl who I still can’t believe is SO big now…

*This little girl thrives on routine, she loves two bedtime stories a cuddle, a kiss followed by an eskimo kiss followed by two strokes of the head and sleeps like a dream, usually waiting for her Groclock to hit 7 to wake me up with a rather loud Mummmmmmmmyyyyy

*She LOVES to do things for herself and at 3 has almost cracked getting completely dressed and undressed herself

*She loves to collect any toys that are small enough to fill a bag with and then line up, these include Star Monsters and My Little Ponies… she gets VERY cross when F knocks them over!

*She has taken to swimming and ballet lessons so well, we weren’t sure whether suggesting her doing them without us was going to end up in a complete meltdown but it was actually the opposite and I love how proud we feel each week watching her dance and swim and how much she enjoys herself

*If you ask her what she would like to do each day she will always answer the same, go to the park!

*Her hair is SO long and she has never had it cut…that might have to happen soon..

* She is so excited when she gets a birthday party invitation and adores going to parties and having cake.

*She loves going to nursery for 1 and half days a week and has fallen in love with a little boy!

*She is still a big book worm and every night before she goes to sleep she sits in her bed telling stories

*Her favourite colour is orange

*She loves her little brother but is not afraid to push him out the way if he’s knocking down her toys!

*There is not really much she is afraid of, including all the scary Halloween bits and bobs but put her near a hand drier and she is petrified!!

I Think 3 is going to a good year for little D, we still have all of 3 and 4 at home before school and we are really enjoying are relaxed days with activities,toddler group and a rather slow pace of life and she is just a very happy little girl.


Enjoying a special pancake breakfast on her birthday



All dressed up and ready for her birthday party!


SO happy to be singing and painting at her party!


Scootering to the park, a favourite activity!


Dressed up as a fairy at a friend’s party


Enjoying a babychinno at the Eden Project ice rink!





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