{The Me & Mine Project} September 2016

September for me is a bit of a strange month, in what seems like a past life ( before little D when I was a primary school teacher) September arrived after 6 weeks of freedom and usually came with SUCH a heavy workload it would fly by in a blur of teaching exhaustion. This year it marked the end of Aunty G’s month long visit, the end of spontaneous days at the beach and getting back into the nursery / toddler group / rhythm of working weeks. I’m not going to lie, I have ALWAYS dreaded the end of the Summer, yes Autumn has it lovely bits too but nothing tops the sunshine and the sand and feeling of freedom that I feel in the Summer holidays.

On a more positive note Little D & F are both September babies so lots of the time was taken up planning and organising the Roarsome birthday party, we had a great day and made some super fun memories. Little D got SO into dinosaur singing and roaring and little F couldn’t have looked more dapper in his bow tie. Turning one is such a huge milestone, its almost like waving goodbye to the baby days and i’m not quite sure I am ready for that…

This month also marked the arrival of our 20 week scan, which showed baby number 3 is just perfect and another of the blue variety. I had always pictured in my head being a Mummy to two little girls (I think this stems more from growing up with a sister than anything else) but this means a perfectly aged buddy for little F, and two little brothers for D to keep in line!! Little D’s reaction … ‘we can have a girl next time Mummy’ made me realise i’ve been pregnant for a huge proportion of her life! but I think we can safely say this is going to be our final baby, I LOVE the baby stage but its all so exhausting physically, and we really want to go on some round the world adventures so need our tribe just to grow up a little bit more. Little D adores F and gives him lots of cuddles (headlocks) and is always bossing him around with her toys. She is the first to tell us to be quiet when he is asleep in the car and always keen to get him up to play after his nap. She keeps telling us she is looking forward to him walking, and I think she is right, running around together will be a lot of fun.

With turning 3 comes the opportunity to start some new adventures and little D started big girl swimming lessons and ballet this month and she cannot get enough of it, and we couldn’t be prouder watching her.

We took this months photo before the birthday party with D & F all dressed up ready to party.. (typically I had approx. five minutes to get ready in comparison but thats pretty standard in our house now!) Can’t get enough of F’s little curls and just how flipping happy D is to be having a party with all her friends and cake!

P9103779 (1).jpg


I am loving this month: getting back into a weekly routine, a little bit of one on one time with F when D is at nursery, drinking lots of Becks Blue, weekly baby swimming with little F, candle lit evenings with GGBO eating cake.

Mr H is Loving: Lots of Dad scootering, watching little D’s swimming lessons, watching Archer on Netflix, Playing Uncharted 4 on the Playstation, one on one time with D each week whilst F swims.

Little D is loving:  having a dinosaur party with all her friends, starting swimming lessons without Mummy & Daddy, getting dressed up for ballet lessons with Grandma, telling anyone who will listen she is 3! Collecting more My Little Ponies, collecting Stickie Monsters from Lidl.

Litte F is loving: still eating everything and anything, charging around at toddler group with out even a care for where I am, sitting at the big snack table at toddler group, a new Winter wardrobe full of dungarees (thanks Grandma!) Trying to get hold of phones and remotes when nobody is watching. Climbing on D’s bed and trying to steal her drink.



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