{The Ordinary Moments} #30’Third Place’

This week ( the first week of August) has been a date long anticipated in the Howeshold, the arrival of Aunty G from Australia. As I write this ( a month later as Aunty G has just departed…) I can really appreciate the month long adventure we have had having her to stay.

Aunty G has been living on the other side of the world for the best part of ten years, so in a way it is very much a part of our norm. We talk a lot, we FaceTime a lot, but we have very much come to understand why we are living our lives in opposite directions and also got into an amazing routine of G visiting and us having the BEST time together, and this Summer has not disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, its still totally rubbish when she leaves, how could it not be when we have had 4 weeks of adventures but she will be back and we will have even more, so until then we will keep Facetiming and get planning for next time!

Totally got off track, so this weeks ordinary moment, Little D (with more than a little help from aunty G) came third by catching a grand total of 5 crabs in our local village Regatta Crabbing Competition. I’m not sure who was more pleased!? but little D was pretty happy with her chips and red dip at the pub to celebrate!! I am hoping we can make this an annual event…..although not entirely sure what that will look like next August when we have THREE little ones to stop running off the edge of the quay!




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