{The Ordinary Moments}#26 ‘Toddler Group (save my sanity group)’

These aren’t the best quality photos, but every week we go off to our local toddler group, and as any parent of an under 3 will tell you there is nothing quite like a bunch of knackered people, some free coffee and a biscuit, toys and snack for children for making you feel like more of a normal person again. Being a parent really is like being in a club, a club where you realise just how whole consuming and tiring it is looking after the little people and theres nothing better than getting an hour once a week to just have a laugh with other adults and hold an adult conversation while the little people play with pink gunk in a tray. Little F is just big enough to play with the big kids toys now too so I have actually managed to drink my coffee recently too, HURRAH for toddler group!




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