{The Ordinary Moments}#21 ‘An extraordinary week in Spain’

My last week’s ordinary moments are going up a little late this week as we have had an amazing week away in sunny Spain and as anyone with young children knows the washing mountain and tired children that have unfortunately come back with us have needed lots of time and attention!

Mr H and I usually go on one sunny holiday a year, its definitely become a annual event for us and we decided to continue it (albeit the things we get up to have dramatically changed… much less beer/cocktail drinking / dancing and adventures ) but we have taken D away before twice and this year off we went with a twoligan and 8 month old on an aeroplane. I’m not going to lie, its not the smoothest thing, dragging children out of bed in the middle of the night, driving for 2 hours, taking them along with 5 billion bags /cots /pushchairs /carseats but it is OH SO worth it. A whole week of pure fun time with ice cream included with every meal!

So here are the holiday extraORDINARY photos…P5182140.jpg

One happy little D on the water slides




This girl loves ice cream


Such a great time in the sunshine, making the best memories full of smiles, ice cream, swimming pools and beaches..



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