{The Siblings Project} May 2016

I think these photos are a very true representation of life at the moment, its happened slowly slowly and super fast all at once, I know that sounds mad, but thats how it is when you have a baby, you are so so tired and so so busy that time goes slowly and at lightening speed all at once. Just looking back at a photo from September, when F is just a tiny precious newborn and D still very much a munchkin faced toddler I can see such an enormous difference in the way these two are getting along. All of a sudden we have two miniature people, both needing toys and they are slowly learning to share and play together. They drive each other a little bonkers too, stealing each others toys and Mummy/Daddy cuddles but I can also see what great little playmates they are turning into.

Trying to get a photo with them both smiling is proving to be even more tricky as time goes on, especially when you are on a beach and its VERY windy!



The Me and Mine Project



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