{The Me and Mine Project}2016 April

I can’t believe how quickly April has been and gone! This has been a super busy work month, with Mr H being away for a few days and me parenting solo, (which is SO tiring..) I have been working a fair bit but its looking like my business might be sold soon so I can concentrate more on being at home for a while and being a Mummy. This month we have made the decision for little D to move to a different nursery also so she has a big change coming up too. We are also now oh so close to our annual sunshine holiday in May and we can’t WAIT!

Just comparing this photo to last months I can see such a huge different in little F, he is sitting up now like a pro and is oh so animated , I can’t get enough of his squishy face, I wish he would just slow down a bit, he’ll be a toddler before we know it and I really want to just enjoy his baby days and big gummy smile!

We had a lovely trip to the beach (if a little chilly) coats on with pasties and ice cream and took (what we thought) was a great family portrait, but unfortunately our camera is being a little temperamental and the photos hadn’t worked so well and were super over exposed… so this one was a rather last minute one, on our new garden furniture, after a busy fun filled day which we ended with our first (freezing cold!) BBQ of the year, hopefully the first of many as little D thought it was ace, and so did we.



I am loving this month: Our new garden furniture and sail shade, discovering Call the Midwife on Netflix (I know i’m pretty late to the party on this one!) my new GIANT iPhone 6s plus, shopping for holiday bit and bobs for me and the children (baby trilby hats and sunglasses for my own entertainment) a weekly arts and and crafts class with little D, eating porridge every morning, wearing my converse trainers instead of boots.

Mr H is Loving: his new holiday ‘clobber’ (clothes…), watching ‘Flaked’ on Netflix, swimming on a Sunday with little D, buying clog slippers for the children on a work trip, playing catch with little D, coffee coffee coffee!

Little D is loving:  colouring with ‘tips’, wearing her clog slippers, watching and playing My Little Pony, making new things in her weekly arts and crafts class to hang up in the kitchen, melted marshmallows, reading ‘Don’t wake the Bear Hare’, a trip to Prickly Ball farm with Grandma.

Litte F is loving: Sitting up to play with his toys, eating lots of food especially Weetabix in the mornings, smiling like a Cheshire cat when D plays with him, trying to use a sippy cup but just laughing at it instead, doing Baby Yoga with Grandma, sleeping on his tummy, sitting in the big boy seat in the trolley.


The Me and Mine Project


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