Little F @ 7 months

This little man @ 7 months,



Still sleeping like a trooper 7 – about 6 ( for dummy purposes) and then on until around 7…phewf……

He now begins his sleep in our bedroom (away from mad twoligan bedtime antics) and is shuffled (whilst fast asleep) into his big boy cot with his big sister when we go to bed, its soo000 lovely looking at his sweet sleeping squishy face every night before I move him!

He is still a happy chappy during the day although this week he has had a bit of a cold and a little bit of the grumps during the day..

Napping is going well and we have fallen into a routine of a morning catnap after the preschool run and a nice afternoon long one! (which on a good day coincides with D and I get half an hour of me time ,which usually involves coffee and work admin, but is so quiet!)

Off to weigh in tomorrow but pretty sure he’s grown lots, will update this soon!

His 6-9 month clothes are a little on the tight size so we have moved onto some 9-12, I bought mostly summery things in this size we have been going for shorts with leggings underneath..

Sitting up is going well, and he is enjoying his new outlook on life! (although there was a little incident of toppling over into a bucket at the beach this weekend and his poor little nose didn’t come off well!) He loves using his hands to explore new toys and seems to have really good fine motor skills for his age!





Still jumping about like a mad man in the bounceroo!

He loves his weekly Baby Bumpkin yoga with Grandma (whilst I lead the class) especially the warming up song which he finds very funny!


Scarily he has a nursery place booked for one session a week in January!! He’s such a tiddler  I can’t imagine leaving him anywhere it feels like he was only just born!

He adores his big sister , (who also adores him! but is not always quite as gentle as we would like!) and always has a cheeky grin for her. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get a good picture of them together! F is always wiggling and D is mad as a box of frogs and her new line is “I did my cheese!” which basically means she did a big cheesy grin for approximately 1 millionth of a second and then wiggled about!



Some more snaps this month..


And little D at the same age,





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