{The Ordinary Moments}#15 ‘Don’t trust that Goat’

As much I love spending time at home with little D and & F two and a half weeks of Easter holidays with no pre-school, or toddler groups has been wonderful and oh so tiring  at the same time. D is pretty happy to play at at home, she loves to do ‘colourings’  (especially with ‘tips’ much to F’s amusement) and just loves her box of toys, not the organised ones, the box with all the itty bitty toys that don’t belong anywhere..she will spend hours getting them all out one by one, living them up and just chatting away in her own little world. She is also SO into the iPad and the Youtube kids app is a definite favourite at the moment, who knows why watching crazy people unwrap eggs and toys is so good but little D cannot get enough of it (and I know she is not alone from all the talk of other little people’s mummies!)


So on Saturday I was definitely feeling a little cabin fever so we decided to head out for the day, the weather was a little odd, freezing hail one minute and bright sunshine the next but off we went, a two year old, a 6 month old and a big bag of snacks! We had never been there before but prickly ball farm was a hit, and little D ( when she isn’t suffering for a bad case being VERY hangery when we were a little late on her snack had a great time getting stuck into all the activities. Little F is so relaxed out and about and every time the camera appeared he just gave a big gummy smile, he seems like such a chilled out little man at the moment, we are hoping he stays this way, as little D is a bit of a fire cracker and the twos have been a difficult time for her ( and us!)




We made a little video too xx


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