{The Me and Mine Project}2016 April

I can’t believe how quickly April has been and gone! This has been a super busy work month, with Mr H being away for a few days and me parenting solo, (which is SO tiring..) I have been working a fair bit but its looking like my business might be sold soon so I can concentrate more on being at home for a while and being a Mummy. This month we have made the decision for little D to move to a different nursery also so she has a big change coming up too. We are also now oh so close to our annual sunshine holiday in May and we can’t WAIT!

Just comparing this photo to last months I can see such a huge different in little F, he is sitting up now like a pro and is oh so animated , I can’t get enough of his squishy face, I wish he would just slow down a bit, he’ll be a toddler before we know it and I really want to just enjoy his baby days and big gummy smile!

We had a lovely trip to the beach (if a little chilly) coats on with pasties and ice cream and took (what we thought) was a great family portrait, but unfortunately our camera is being a little temperamental and the photos hadn’t worked so well and were super over exposed… so this one was a rather last minute one, on our new garden furniture, after a busy fun filled day which we ended with our first (freezing cold!) BBQ of the year, hopefully the first of many as little D thought it was ace, and so did we.



I am loving this month: Our new garden furniture and sail shade, discovering Call the Midwife on Netflix (I know i’m pretty late to the party on this one!) my new GIANT iPhone 6s plus, shopping for holiday bit and bobs for me and the children (baby trilby hats and sunglasses for my own entertainment) a weekly arts and and crafts class with little D, eating porridge every morning, wearing my converse trainers instead of boots.

Mr H is Loving: his new holiday ‘clobber’ (clothes…), watching ‘Flaked’ on Netflix, swimming on a Sunday with little D, buying clog slippers for the children on a work trip, playing catch with little D, coffee coffee coffee!

Little D is loving:  colouring with ‘tips’, wearing her clog slippers, watching and playing My Little Pony, making new things in her weekly arts and crafts class to hang up in the kitchen, melted marshmallows, reading ‘Don’t wake the Bear Hare’, a trip to Prickly Ball farm with Grandma.

Litte F is loving: Sitting up to play with his toys, eating lots of food especially Weetabix in the mornings, smiling like a Cheshire cat when D plays with him, trying to use a sippy cup but just laughing at it instead, doing Baby Yoga with Grandma, sleeping on his tummy, sitting in the big boy seat in the trolley.


The Me and Mine Project

{The Ordinary Moments}#17 ‘Fairy Festival’

We had a great (if a little cold…where is the summer?!) Sunday out at a little local festival for children. Little D ran around like a loon and nothing makes me and Mr H chuckle more than watching her dance… we managed our first picnic together with little F joining us for some smooshed up avocado too!


And we made a little video too…


Little F @ 7 months

This little man @ 7 months,



Still sleeping like a trooper 7 – about 6 ( for dummy purposes) and then on until around 7…phewf……

He now begins his sleep in our bedroom (away from mad twoligan bedtime antics) and is shuffled (whilst fast asleep) into his big boy cot with his big sister when we go to bed, its soo000 lovely looking at his sweet sleeping squishy face every night before I move him!

He is still a happy chappy during the day although this week he has had a bit of a cold and a little bit of the grumps during the day..

Napping is going well and we have fallen into a routine of a morning catnap after the preschool run and a nice afternoon long one! (which on a good day coincides with D and I get half an hour of me time ,which usually involves coffee and work admin, but is so quiet!)

Off to weigh in tomorrow but pretty sure he’s grown lots, will update this soon!

His 6-9 month clothes are a little on the tight size so we have moved onto some 9-12, I bought mostly summery things in this size we have been going for shorts with leggings underneath..

Sitting up is going well, and he is enjoying his new outlook on life! (although there was a little incident of toppling over into a bucket at the beach this weekend and his poor little nose didn’t come off well!) He loves using his hands to explore new toys and seems to have really good fine motor skills for his age!





Still jumping about like a mad man in the bounceroo!

He loves his weekly Baby Bumpkin yoga with Grandma (whilst I lead the class) especially the warming up song which he finds very funny!


Scarily he has a nursery place booked for one session a week in January!! He’s such a tiddler  I can’t imagine leaving him anywhere it feels like he was only just born!

He adores his big sister , (who also adores him! but is not always quite as gentle as we would like!) and always has a cheeky grin for her. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get a good picture of them together! F is always wiggling and D is mad as a box of frogs and her new line is “I did my cheese!” which basically means she did a big cheesy grin for approximately 1 millionth of a second and then wiggled about!



Some more snaps this month..


And little D at the same age,




{The Ordinary Moments}#16 ‘Good night’

Our current bedtime routine involves putting the mad twoligan to bed alone in her room and moving little F later into his cot in her room when we go up to bed. It means that every night we have to move this little boy when he is fast asleep to his big cot, he really doesn’t seem to notice, by that point he is usually in quite a deep sleep. I’ve always said I love my children the most when they are fast asleep, so quiet, no one crying, no one asking for snacks or juice! Those chubby cheeks and wrists make me want to squish him and cuddle him up…this photo makes me appreciate what a scrumptious baby he is right now, definitely not a newborn anymore just very much a chubby cuddly munchkin and I just can’t get enough of it!



{The Ordinary Moments}#15 ‘Don’t trust that Goat’

As much I love spending time at home with little D and & F two and a half weeks of Easter holidays with no pre-school, or toddler groups has been wonderful and oh so tiring  at the same time. D is pretty happy to play at at home, she loves to do ‘colourings’  (especially with ‘tips’ much to F’s amusement) and just loves her box of toys, not the organised ones, the box with all the itty bitty toys that don’t belong anywhere..she will spend hours getting them all out one by one, living them up and just chatting away in her own little world. She is also SO into the iPad and the Youtube kids app is a definite favourite at the moment, who knows why watching crazy people unwrap eggs and toys is so good but little D cannot get enough of it (and I know she is not alone from all the talk of other little people’s mummies!)


So on Saturday I was definitely feeling a little cabin fever so we decided to head out for the day, the weather was a little odd, freezing hail one minute and bright sunshine the next but off we went, a two year old, a 6 month old and a big bag of snacks! We had never been there before but prickly ball farm was a hit, and little D ( when she isn’t suffering for a bad case being VERY hangery when we were a little late on her snack had a great time getting stuck into all the activities. Little F is so relaxed out and about and every time the camera appeared he just gave a big gummy smile, he seems like such a chilled out little man at the moment, we are hoping he stays this way, as little D is a bit of a fire cracker and the twos have been a difficult time for her ( and us!)




We made a little video too xx

{The Ordinary Moments}#14 ‘Grandpa’s Boat’


I love these photos of little D she looks so happy, they were actually taken in the evening around 6pm and it was absolutely freezing despite there being a little sunshine. It was actually a great ending to a day that started rather catastrophically  with little D worrying us enough to take her to A&E ( which turned out to be nothing) so chips in the pub and a ride in Grandpas boat was just what the doctor ordered! Can’t wait for the Summer so we can get out on the boat some more and not be freezing cold… (well maybe!)