{The Siblings Project 2016} March

This month has marked a bit of a change for F and D’s relationship. Ever since F was born 6 months ago D has always been to keen for him to be part of everything we do, checking he is coming with us, making sure he’s always there. And this month, as F has started to really develop more a little personality D has really enjoyed sharing her toys with him and ‘playing’ with him.

F is just the right age to really enjoy his Jumperoo and D likes to take what ever she is doing over to him, drag over a chair and chat to him. On the flip side, with Mr H having to work away for a few nights D started to realise its pretty hard for Mummy on her own, with not enough hands for everybody! Β and for the first time ever has been a little unkind to her brother, hopefully this is just a little blip because ever since he born she’s been such a happy big sister!

P3161337 (1).jpgP3161339.jpgP3141326 (1).jpg


The Me and Mine Project



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