{The Ordinary Moments 2016}#10 ‘A first world Book Day’

Its not until very recently that little D wouldn’t let us dress her up in anything, we had to bribe her with chocolate to wear her Halloween outfit back in October!!



This was a different story though, I had great intentions weeks ago to make a costume (maybe next year…) but life is pretty crazy at the moment with work and baby F and little D was pretty happy to have a trip just me and her to the big shop (otherwise known as Tesco extra) to pick an outfit, and she chose Little red Riding Hood and was pretty happy about it! Unfortunately, in usual D style, when I picked her up from pre-school just 3 hours later she looked liked she had rolled around in muddy puddle..those cream tights didn’t last long! But I managed to get a quick picture of her in the living room before pre-school.




p.s. nearly a week late on this!! Must try harder to stay on top of it!




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