{The Me and Mine Project}2016 March

As we hit the end of March it  feels like spring has definitely sprung! The weather has been pretty questionable for an outside Me and Mine shot, but we did have great plans for a sunshiney, daffodil filled spring picture… and we were all set to get it on Good Friday but then our day took a funny turn with a poorly two year, a looonggg trip to A & E (unnecessary trip…) so this month’s photo was taken on Easter Sunday in our living room. Little D (in her twoligan stroppy voice) absolutely refused to wear her Easter bonnet but luckily Little F is much more obliging on the silly hat wearing! The lighting is not the best, but I do love the out takes of Little D and Mr H being silly…


P3261470.jpgI love how confused Little F looks in this! This is the first month of Me & Mine where he is really looking like a little person with expressions rather than just a little baby!

P3261447.jpgP3261454.jpgThis is the face of a two year who just realised you can take pictures with a remote!

I am loving this month: Scented candles every day in the living room mmmm, having the Easter tree up, attempting to do a HIIT workout everyday, extra time off work because of the Easter holidays, a night out with no children to eat pizza and gossip, doing lots of Easter activities with little D, watching the Night Manager, trying to catch up on some digital Project Life

Mr H is loving: watching the Big Bang theory, Watching the Night Manager, doing the Noah’s ark puzzle with little D…again… and again…., making a music playlist ready for our Holiday in May woo hoo, having bedtime discos before bath time, after work sunshine dog walking

Little D is loving: corn on the cob, The Dinosaur that pooped a planet (toilet humour is a big hit with 2 year olds), running into pre school with a big smile on her face, doing her Noah’s Ark puzzle…again and again and again…., a ride in Grandpa’s boat

Little F is loving: sitting in the big boy seat of his pushchair, rolling onto his tummy at every opportunity, bouncing like a loon in his Jumperoo, looking at himself in a hand held mirror, trying lots of new food – especially Little Yeo Fromage Frais


The Me and Mine Project

Little F @6 months

This little man @ 6 months,



Finally he sleeps! He is fixed, and oh how we are all relieved…

He has moved into his big cot in with little D, and although doesn’t sleep through every night we do get a few nights here and there and he settles pretty quick.

He is still a happy chappy during the day and will smile for anyone who takes the time to have a little chat with him!

He weighs a whopping 17lbs and is really starting to feel like a solid little man to carry around!!

He is so close to being able to sit up, but still wobbles slowllllyy forward.

He is filling all his 6-9 month clothes, it won’t be long until he needs the next size up!

His hair is really thick and especially long in the middle of his head, resulting in some very cute hat hair, a super blondey!


He has just started to try some food and is pretty good at getting it to his mouth with hands, so far he has tried fruit puree, broccoli, banana, avocado, Readybrek, Weetabix and an omelette!

He has mastered the Jumperoo (or bounceroo as little D calls it) and can spend up to half an hour  just watching D play from there.

He is really enjoying his weekly swimming lessons, and has big grins at the splash splash song.

He really enjoys listening to his mad Grandma’s (not always strictly baby appropriate..) singing!


Those cheeks!

Little D at the same age:



{The Ordinary Moments 2016} #12 ‘Getting ready for Easter’

We have had a slow weekend…. we seem to have been stuck with a horrible cold for what feels like months (although it is coming up for 3 weeks!) so have done a few Easter things at home. We decorated the Easter tree and made some Easter nests, as we were doing it today I had a look at last years photos, little D doesn’t look so different, she still has her cute toddler cheeks, just slightly longer hair! But what did occur to me was that when we do this next little F will be a fully grown walking toddler!

D is not really smiling in these photos, I asked her a couple of times but she said she was busy!! Looking forward to scoffing these later, and doing some fun Easter bits and bobs next weekend!




{The Siblings Project 2016} March

This month has marked a bit of a change for F and D’s relationship. Ever since F was born 6 months ago D has always been to keen for him to be part of everything we do, checking he is coming with us, making sure he’s always there. And this month, as F has started to really develop more a little personality D has really enjoyed sharing her toys with him and ‘playing’ with him.

F is just the right age to really enjoy his Jumperoo and D likes to take what ever she is doing over to him, drag over a chair and chat to him. On the flip side, with Mr H having to work away for a few nights D started to realise its pretty hard for Mummy on her own, with not enough hands for everybody!  and for the first time ever has been a little unkind to her brother, hopefully this is just a little blip because ever since he born she’s been such a happy big sister!

P3161337 (1).jpgP3161339.jpgP3141326 (1).jpg


The Me and Mine Project


{The Ordinary Moments 2016}#10 ‘A first world Book Day’

Its not until very recently that little D wouldn’t let us dress her up in anything, we had to bribe her with chocolate to wear her Halloween outfit back in October!!



This was a different story though, I had great intentions weeks ago to make a costume (maybe next year…) but life is pretty crazy at the moment with work and baby F and little D was pretty happy to have a trip just me and her to the big shop (otherwise known as Tesco extra) to pick an outfit, and she chose Little red Riding Hood and was pretty happy about it! Unfortunately, in usual D style, when I picked her up from pre-school just 3 hours later she looked liked she had rolled around in muddy puddle..those cream tights didn’t last long! But I managed to get a quick picture of her in the living room before pre-school.




p.s. nearly a week late on this!! Must try harder to stay on top of it!