Little F @5 months

This little (ish!) man @ 5 months,



We have not been to baby weigh in this month, but judging by those thighs, that double chin and all the clothes that are too small this month this little man has done A LOT of growing this month, must go to weigh in next week!

His night wakings have got worse, he is not hungry in the night, he just wakes lots of times and needs a little help getting settled again, he is such a light sleeper, we are hoping this will get better soon we are all very tired… zzzz……..

He is napping brilliantly in the day now, he settles himself really well in his living room moses basket and sleeps through little D’s rather noisy dinosaur games and the barking dogs! (why not at night!?)

He is still having some mammoth dribbling sessions…no sign of those pesky teeth yet..

He is getting a little better at sitting up in his Bumbo and Booster seat but he still won’t put up with it for long, I think it makes his reflux worse and he gets upset, hopefully this will improve soon.

No sign of any eczema  anymore but he now has some cradle cap , but he has been working pretty hard at growing his hair so its mostly covered.

His hair is still very fair, much more so than his sisters at the same age, and seems to be growing much longer and thicker in the middle of his head, natural mohawk!?

He can sit unaided for a good few seconds now which open up lots of new opportunities for sitting and playing with toys.

The Jumperoo has made it down from the loft and F is quite happy to hang around it, he is yet to master the bouncing technique but loves just standing there watching his sister play, and it means she can talk to him at eye level really easily.

Despite his terrible night time sleeping habit this month he has been a happy happy smiley baby during the day who rarely cries, so we can’t really complain!

Little D at the same age:



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