{The Me and Mine Project}2016 February

This month has been a bit of a slog, I think reflecting on the last few months has made mr H and I realise that we really don’t enjoy this part of the year much, especially as the weather has been pretty crazy this month. This month also saw my return to work, and with little F being only 5 months its been pretty tough…its safe to say that we are ending February with a house that looks like a bomb hit!!! Our clean washing pile is not far off the ceiling…..

We went on a weekend adventure to Torquay living coasts in a bid to ignore and beat this winter weather, but we actually just ended up standing  outside in what felt like a hurricane, wetter than the penguins we were trying to see, and trying to stop the baby from getting completely soaked. Admittedly little D thought it was a great adventure and was least fazed by the hurricane, but we were all pretty cold by lunchtime. I vividly remember trying to cross the road, Mr H pushing the double pushchair and me getting quite angry at him being so slow, and just hearing him shout ‘the rain cover is a saillllll’

We did have one brighter weekend, and took all our shiny new camera bits and bobs down to the Eden project again and make use of our locals pass. Little D thought the park and ride bus was the shizzle (easily pleased) and the tripod worked a treat. Mr H is not overly convinced about using a tripod in public…do we look like we are a bit crazy? Not sure, but also thinking I don’t care!  Unfortunately I had a brain lapse and totally forgot how to use the remote in the 5 minute window that we needed it….lesson learned…but we got some pretty good shots….and little D was pretty star struck at meeting the REAL stickman!


I am loving this month: cold weather with lots of bobble hat wearing opportunities (my hat and little ones!) , mini eggs..especially the yellow and white ones why do they taste best?, dry shampoo still making sure I make it out the house everyday, listening to the random things that Little D comes out with now!

Mr H is loving:  Mini Malteaser packets by the bucketload, watching the rugby (snippets when not dealing with small children!), being in a video at work (famous!), not driving to and from work in the dark

Little D is loving: dinosaurs rahhhhhhhh, reading Tiddler before bed, NOT going to bed well at night…hanging off the curtains in her room!, petit filous yoghurts by the bucketload, swimming with Mummy

Little F is loving: sleeping a little better at night (don’t want to jinx it!), rolling around all over the place, holding and playing with his Lamaze doll, swimming lessons with Mummy



The Me and Mine Project


{The Ordinary Moments 2016}#8 ‘Dinosaurs, milk and ice-cream’

This weekend has been one full of wobbly feelings. Monday has felt like it has been looming forEVER….creeeepping up on me slowly but so fast all at the same time. As on Monday  I am returning to work after having 5 months off to enjoy my baby boy. It may only be a few hours of work a week but its a big milestone…

Mr H is suffering from another bout of man flu, (it feels like somebody has been poorly in the Howeshold for nearly the whole of January and February), so we have had a pretty slow weekend, which included a drive to a local park and a walk to a favourite pub of ours to indulge in dinosaur play, milk, hot chocolate and ice-cream. I was trying to feel a little more ‘zen’ before Monday rolls around with a preschool run, sick husband and WORK to sort out…I am sure by the time next weekend rolls around I will be feeling very zombie like with little F’s sleeping habits still being very random…..








Little F @5 months

This little (ish!) man @ 5 months,



We have not been to baby weigh in this month, but judging by those thighs, that double chin and all the clothes that are too small this month this little man has done A LOT of growing this month, must go to weigh in next week!

His night wakings have got worse, he is not hungry in the night, he just wakes lots of times and needs a little help getting settled again, he is such a light sleeper, we are hoping this will get better soon we are all very tired… zzzz……..

He is napping brilliantly in the day now, he settles himself really well in his living room moses basket and sleeps through little D’s rather noisy dinosaur games and the barking dogs! (why not at night!?)

He is still having some mammoth dribbling sessions…no sign of those pesky teeth yet..

He is getting a little better at sitting up in his Bumbo and Booster seat but he still won’t put up with it for long, I think it makes his reflux worse and he gets upset, hopefully this will improve soon.

No sign of any eczema  anymore but he now has some cradle cap , but he has been working pretty hard at growing his hair so its mostly covered.

His hair is still very fair, much more so than his sisters at the same age, and seems to be growing much longer and thicker in the middle of his head, natural mohawk!?

He can sit unaided for a good few seconds now which open up lots of new opportunities for sitting and playing with toys.

The Jumperoo has made it down from the loft and F is quite happy to hang around it, he is yet to master the bouncing technique but loves just standing there watching his sister play, and it means she can talk to him at eye level really easily.

Despite his terrible night time sleeping habit this month he has been a happy happy smiley baby during the day who rarely cries, so we can’t really complain!

Little D at the same age:


The Siblings Project 2016 {February}

So here they are February’s siblings photos. Little D loves having a photoshoot with F (long may it last!) and was so excited to lie on her tummy just like him! I think the tummy time photo is my favourite, but I also love how surprised little F looks in his Bumbo, D is still so little herself that quite often her loving cuddles are a bit shocking for poor F!

He just loves to watch D as plays and has the biggest smiles for her!



The Me and Mine Project


{The Ordinary Moments 2016}#7 ‘Big Boy Trousers’

Children have a bad habit of getting really big without us noticing! Where did my squishy newborn go? He was only born in September and all of a sudden he is looking like a proper little boy, smiling at us all and sitting up in his Bumbo holding his toys.

So when I finally accepted this week that I need to stop squashing little (big!) F into his 3-6 months dungarees off we went for a new wardrobe, and what did we get, big boy trousers, chinos, cords and jeans! And this little boy looks cuter than ever!

P2081181.jpgP2081182 (1).jpg

Becky xx

{The Ordinary Moments 2016}#6 ‘Underwater Swimming’

Swimming…… every Sunday morning I wake up and think arghhh why did we sign up for swimming lessons on a Sunday morning, but once we have got over the hump of getting everybody ready, packing bags and getting to the pool its always a highlight of our week. We swim with Waterbabies and although its nearly bankrupting us it really is the bees knees of kids swimming. This week was underwater photoshoot week and I absolutely love it!


IMG_3027 (1).jpg


Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 12.46.23