The Me and Mine Project {January 2016}

January! You have seemed so looonnngg, we have tried to have lots of fun this month but after such a busy December and with  all the rain its been very tricky! Little D and I have looked out onto our garden / giant puddle! and longed for some sunshine many afternoons this month. We took our photos on perhaps one of the only crisp sunny winter weekends we have had this month and we learned some lessons!

*You really need a tripod to take these photos….some driftwood and Gorilla pod mixed with mad dog means a camera face plant into sand…

*You really need a remote to take the photo when you have a toddler who doesn’t like sitting still for very long..

*Trying to get two mad dogs, a two year old, a baby and two adults to even be in the shot let alone looking good is REALLY hard…

(We have some items on order for next month!)

BUT off we went to a beautiful beach that we are lucky enough to live 10 minutes from and we gave it our best shot!


This month;

I am loving:

Netflix original series – Jessica Jones and Making a Murderer, Easter chocolate mini eggs and creme eggs, taking lots of photos of the children for photo projects, dry shampoo, coffee by the bucket load, dropping a smiley Little D at pre-school every week, my new Cable & Cotton fairy lights

Mr H is loving: having a go at editing videos, Jessica Jones and Making a Murderer, one on one time with Little D on a Sunday morning, posting lots of pictures on Instagram

Little D is loving: building towers with Duplo bricks, playing ‘playdoughs’, going into pre-school with a big smile, coming home from pre- school with a big smile, telling us about her friends at tea time, Paw patrol

Little F is loving: playing with his toes and feet, hanging in his door bouncer, NOT sleeping at night zzzzzzzzz, smiling at anyone who smiles at him, watching his sister play, his Baby Sensory class (he seems so much more awake now!)


See you next month with our new camera accessories!

The Me and Mine Project





2 thoughts on “The Me and Mine Project {January 2016}

  1. I am such a total sucker for beach photos, and winter at the beach is always a favourite of mine. These photos are beautiful, and you get mega brownie points for getting grown ups, kids and dogs in the photos. Such gorgeous photos of a gorgeous family. x


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