The Siblings Project {January 2016}

The Siblings  project is a great photo link up project hosted by Lucy over at Dear Beautiful Boy. Its such a great way to record a sibling relationship and how it grows over time and I know that in years to come these photos will be so much fun to look at with little F and D, so here is my January photo (a little late from a very sleep deprived Mummy!) D was so excited to give F a cuddle she couldn’t wait!



Little F only joined our family 4 months ago but i’m pretty sure little D has forgotten what it was like before he arrived, she adores him. She is happy to help with looking after him and nothing makes my heart melt more than when she chooses to give him a little kiss or a cuddle. She loves to share her bath with him every night and especially loves to share his toys!  I heard her tell him the other morning as he cried for a feed, “Don’t cry F mummy is coming.”

She loves hims so much already, I can’t wait until he’s old enough to play with her, they are going to have so much fun together xx

The Me and Mine Project



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