{The Ordinary moments 2016}#2-One on one Baby Time

Before little F arrived I was a little anxious, (like most parents of one child!) of how on earth we could possibly split our time between two. It has been hard, there are times, when little D is happily chatting away to her Happyland figures and Little F is snoozing in his swing chair and I think yes! nailed it! and then 30 seconds later there can be a poo explosion, Β tantruming toddler, someone knocking at the door, the dogs going bananas and i’m thinking ahhhhh I cannot do this! Luckily these moments only happen now and then and I keep telling myself as they both get a little older it will get easier slowly but surely…

Now that little D has started a couple of hours of pre school I have really started to appreciate a little one on one time with the little man. When D was a baby she had so much of my attention, constant cuddles and chats and I often feel like little D now takes up so much of my attention baby F doesn’t get as much. So once a week when D is a pre school we head off to Baby Sensory and have some good quality one on one time.

This week little F has just figured out how to hold toys and look at them. Mr H always jokes about how useless babies are for such a long time so actually being able to hold and look at things is a big deal. This week he played with a maraca, (note he eventually bopped himself on the head!)



He’s had a tough week with he reflux getting worse, giving him and us no sleep, so we’ve had a milk change and so far things are looking up! He slept a really long time last night, but turned out to be the one night Little D was up twice being a crazy twoligan, having removed her pyjama onesie and asking me to put it back on….TWICE….ahhhh!

IMG_1045 (1).jpg




4 thoughts on “{The Ordinary moments 2016}#2-One on one Baby Time

  1. Aw they are both gorgeous. I completely remember that feeling when I just had my big girl, I remember thinking how on earth was I going to handle two. And then somehow you just manage don’t you? And then now I am pregnant with our third and I think how on earth I am I going to handle three! I really relish the one on one times I have with both my girls, which I get a lot more of with my youngest now my eldest is at school. When our new baby gets here I will have a Tuesday and a Thursday with him as thats when my youngest goes to nursery- I already can’t wait! x


  2. Everyday I have moments when I think “I can handle having two children” and then 5 minutes later “I can’t do this”. My baby boy loves exploring his Big Sister’s toys when she is at Preschool and I love the quiet cuddles. Enjoy your time with your youngest. #TheOrdinaryMoments


  3. Gosh I remember this so well for the 15 months I had two of them at home before Judah started pre-school. It’s so hard isn’t it? But like you said, it’s a season and it passes and then like me you’ll cry that it’s over and how quickly they’ve grown. Oh every season is bittersweet, I love as it gets easier and dread the days of sharing them with school too. This is a lovely post and great pictures xxx


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