Back to the grind…

We had such a great December with so much going on with Aunty G visiting, Christmas and Mr H being off work for two weeks. I think we are all pretty tired from all the celebrating and it wasn’t until today, with Mr H returning to work, and finding myself alone again with the littlies, I realised how much I had missed my ordinary days, my toddler group days, my potter to the park days, my play at home days.

We even managed a quick stop off at the park, so so good for my soul to see the sunshine too.

IMG_2869.JPGThis little lady was a superstar and stayed on her buggy board all the way to toddler group and back (I may have bribed her with a pear but for this twoligan it was great).


This little man is really starting to enjoy time on his play mat. He loves to look at himself in the mirror, although he does seem to find the sight of himself a little shocking!

He has worked out how to kick the toys and now that he has found his voice he is turning into a funny little man chatting away and wriggling about. Unfortunately he has been suffering today with reflux so we have needed lots of outfit changes but he still managed to nap like a pro today.



Look at those eyelashes….

Little D taking a spot of afternoon cooking very seriously, she loves to cut up the cake and sing Happy Birthday, (almost as much as she likes eating cake!)

Lets hope we get some more sleep tonight as Little F has decided he’s not such a fan of sleeping at night anymore..








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