{The Ordinary Moments 2016} #1 ‘Bath Time’

The Ordinary moments is a fabulous link up hosted by Katie over at mummydaddyandmemakesthree and fits perfectly with my aspirations for this little blog, all those seemingly ordinary moments that make us laugh and smile all the time that are quickly forgotten.

{the ordinary moments}

‘The simple things in life are often the sweetest.  While the fancy days out, weekends away or holidays are fun, it’s the ordinary moments I will miss when my children are all grown up.  The snuggling in bed reading a story.  The giggles as they run around my overgrown garden with the grass that desperately needs a cut.  Even the naughty ones.  The ones we all have.

Just a photo from your week.  The simple.   The exciting.  The imperfect.  The Ordinary Moments.”

Bath Time

Bath time happens in our house pretty much every single night and both little D and little F have both been water babies pretty much as soon as we brought them both home from hospital.  Little D was excited to share her bath with her brother as soon as he arrived and loves to ‘help’ wash him, although she can be rather enthusiastic about it… it’s good job little F is pretty chilled out about it all….

She got these awesome bath drums as a Christmas present and loved banging the drums and making her brother kick like a loony! Little D’s first word was bubble and the bubblier the bath the better.

So I need to remind myself when peeling my tired body off the sofa every evening to do bath time that i’m sure some time in the future  little D will no longer want to play splat the bubble and will  not need her Mummy and Daddy to bath her  at all and to embrace the splashing (and drumming) while it lasts!

IMG_2820Look at little F’s cute little legs and little toes!

Having a quick look back through our photos

IMG_0422IMG_0093Little D – April 2014

Little D bath adventures! – Portugal spa bath June 2015, bath in a bucket at Grandma’s house

And then there were 2, Little F’s first bath at a week old in September 2015, the only bit he didn’t enjoy was getting out!

October 2014 ( Note the Halloween outfit!)

December 2015- Why do little babies always look so shocked!

There is nothing better than the sound of your babies laughing, (this is an old one of D)

Can’t wait for more bath time fun tonight xx


4 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments 2016} #1 ‘Bath Time’

  1. Haha this is so cute and I love all the photos. Your daughter has the cutest little smile. My girls adore bath time too, it s one of our favourite times of the day. Their latest thing is to make mud pies out of that foamy stuff you can get. They always giggle and laugh the most at bath time. So lovely to find your blog and looking forward to reading more each week. x


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