The Me and Mine Project {January 2016}

January! You have seemed so looonnngg, we have tried to have lots of fun this month but after such a busy December and with  all the rain its been very tricky! Little D and I have looked out onto our garden / giant puddle! and longed for some sunshine many afternoons this month. We took our photos on perhaps one of the only crisp sunny winter weekends we have had this month and we learned some lessons!

*You really need a tripod to take these photos….some driftwood and Gorilla pod mixed with mad dog means a camera face plant into sand…

*You really need a remote to take the photo when you have a toddler who doesn’t like sitting still for very long..

*Trying to get two mad dogs, a two year old, a baby and two adults to even be in the shot let alone looking good is REALLY hard…

(We have some items on order for next month!)

BUT off we went to a beautiful beach that we are lucky enough to live 10 minutes from and we gave it our best shot!


This month;

I am loving:

Netflix original series – Jessica Jones and Making a Murderer, Easter chocolate mini eggs and creme eggs, taking lots of photos of the children for photo projects, dry shampoo, coffee by the bucket load, dropping a smiley Little D at pre-school every week, my new Cable & Cotton fairy lights

Mr H is loving: having a go at editing videos, Jessica Jones and Making a Murderer, one on one time with Little D on a Sunday morning, posting lots of pictures on Instagram

Little D is loving: building towers with Duplo bricks, playing ‘playdoughs’, going into pre-school with a big smile, coming home from pre- school with a big smile, telling us about her friends at tea time, Paw patrol

Little F is loving: playing with his toes and feet, hanging in his door bouncer, NOT sleeping at night zzzzzzzzz, smiling at anyone who smiles at him, watching his sister play, his Baby Sensory class (he seems so much more awake now!)


See you next month with our new camera accessories!

The Me and Mine Project




Little F @4 months

This little man @ 4 months…




He weighs  14lb 15oz and is still 50th percentile, although people always call him big!

He is not yet sleeping through the night but we are down to about 1 or two wakings.. (there is hope he might sleep through at some point!)

He has rolled (once!) from front to back.

He loves to lie on his back and lift up his legs and grab his feet.

He rubs and rubs his right ear when he is falling asleep.

He is terrible as getting himself to sleep in the day….lots of tears this month….

He is dribbling all over the place….perhaps some teeth are rumbling…

He is beginning to enjoy sitting in his Bumbo and booster seat.

He smiles and laughs at his face in the mirror.

His eczema has cleared up (hurrah!)

He can hold his toys and chew them.

His hair is growing!



{The Ordinary Moments 2016} #4 ‘A happy twoligan’

This little girl has been so lovely to be with this week, anyone who has a two year old knows, some days are HARD with little people, little people who want constant cuddles, attention and can spontaneously throw a tantrum about the wrong colour spoon..

BUT not this week, this little girl has been the best company, full of happiness and smiles.

I took this as she carefully looked after her baby and told me she was just “sorting out the pushchair Mummy!”





The Siblings Project {January 2016}

The Siblings  project is a great photo link up project hosted by Lucy over at Dear Beautiful Boy. Its such a great way to record a sibling relationship and how it grows over time and I know that in years to come these photos will be so much fun to look at with little F and D, so here is my January photo (a little late from a very sleep deprived Mummy!) D was so excited to give F a cuddle she couldn’t wait!



Little F only joined our family 4 months ago but i’m pretty sure little D has forgotten what it was like before he arrived, she adores him. She is happy to help with looking after him and nothing makes my heart melt more than when she chooses to give him a little kiss or a cuddle. She loves to share her bath with him every night and especially loves to share his toys!  I heard her tell him the other morning as he cried for a feed, “Don’t cry F mummy is coming.”

She loves hims so much already, I can’t wait until he’s old enough to play with her, they are going to have so much fun together xx

The Me and Mine Project


{The Ordinary moments 2016}#2-One on one Baby Time

Before little F arrived I was a little anxious, (like most parents of one child!) of how on earth we could possibly split our time between two. It has been hard, there are times, when little D is happily chatting away to her Happyland figures and Little F is snoozing in his swing chair and I think yes! nailed it! and then 30 seconds later there can be a poo explosion,  tantruming toddler, someone knocking at the door, the dogs going bananas and i’m thinking ahhhhh I cannot do this! Luckily these moments only happen now and then and I keep telling myself as they both get a little older it will get easier slowly but surely…

Now that little D has started a couple of hours of pre school I have really started to appreciate a little one on one time with the little man. When D was a baby she had so much of my attention, constant cuddles and chats and I often feel like little D now takes up so much of my attention baby F doesn’t get as much. So once a week when D is a pre school we head off to Baby Sensory and have some good quality one on one time.

This week little F has just figured out how to hold toys and look at them. Mr H always jokes about how useless babies are for such a long time so actually being able to hold and look at things is a big deal. This week he played with a maraca, (note he eventually bopped himself on the head!)



He’s had a tough week with he reflux getting worse, giving him and us no sleep, so we’ve had a milk change and so far things are looking up! He slept a really long time last night, but turned out to be the one night Little D was up twice being a crazy twoligan, having removed her pyjama onesie and asking me to put it back on….TWICE….ahhhh!

IMG_1045 (1).jpg



Back to the grind…

We had such a great December with so much going on with Aunty G visiting, Christmas and Mr H being off work for two weeks. I think we are all pretty tired from all the celebrating and it wasn’t until today, with Mr H returning to work, and finding myself alone again with the littlies, I realised how much I had missed my ordinary days, my toddler group days, my potter to the park days, my play at home days.

We even managed a quick stop off at the park, so so good for my soul to see the sunshine too.

IMG_2869.JPGThis little lady was a superstar and stayed on her buggy board all the way to toddler group and back (I may have bribed her with a pear but for this twoligan it was great).


This little man is really starting to enjoy time on his play mat. He loves to look at himself in the mirror, although he does seem to find the sight of himself a little shocking!

He has worked out how to kick the toys and now that he has found his voice he is turning into a funny little man chatting away and wriggling about. Unfortunately he has been suffering today with reflux so we have needed lots of outfit changes but he still managed to nap like a pro today.



Look at those eyelashes….

Little D taking a spot of afternoon cooking very seriously, she loves to cut up the cake and sing Happy Birthday, (almost as much as she likes eating cake!)

Lets hope we get some more sleep tonight as Little F has decided he’s not such a fan of sleeping at night anymore..







{The Ordinary Moments 2016} #1 ‘Bath Time’

The Ordinary moments is a fabulous link up hosted by Katie over at mummydaddyandmemakesthree and fits perfectly with my aspirations for this little blog, all those seemingly ordinary moments that make us laugh and smile all the time that are quickly forgotten.

{the ordinary moments}

‘The simple things in life are often the sweetest.  While the fancy days out, weekends away or holidays are fun, it’s the ordinary moments I will miss when my children are all grown up.  The snuggling in bed reading a story.  The giggles as they run around my overgrown garden with the grass that desperately needs a cut.  Even the naughty ones.  The ones we all have.

Just a photo from your week.  The simple.   The exciting.  The imperfect.  The Ordinary Moments.”

Bath Time

Bath time happens in our house pretty much every single night and both little D and little F have both been water babies pretty much as soon as we brought them both home from hospital.  Little D was excited to share her bath with her brother as soon as he arrived and loves to ‘help’ wash him, although she can be rather enthusiastic about it… it’s good job little F is pretty chilled out about it all….

She got these awesome bath drums as a Christmas present and loved banging the drums and making her brother kick like a loony! Little D’s first word was bubble and the bubblier the bath the better.

So I need to remind myself when peeling my tired body off the sofa every evening to do bath time that i’m sure some time in the future  little D will no longer want to play splat the bubble and will  not need her Mummy and Daddy to bath her  at all and to embrace the splashing (and drumming) while it lasts!

IMG_2820Look at little F’s cute little legs and little toes!

Having a quick look back through our photos

IMG_0422IMG_0093Little D – April 2014

Little D bath adventures! – Portugal spa bath June 2015, bath in a bucket at Grandma’s house

And then there were 2, Little F’s first bath at a week old in September 2015, the only bit he didn’t enjoy was getting out!

October 2014 ( Note the Halloween outfit!)

December 2015- Why do little babies always look so shocked!

There is nothing better than the sound of your babies laughing, (this is an old one of D)

Can’t wait for more bath time fun tonight xx